One billion € for beauty and health

2022 was (again) a record year for us. We reached an incredible turnover of over €1035 million, growing by 32 percent year-on-year.

That is mostly thanks to you.

3,5 products sold every second

In 2022, our customers purchased 109 million products. That is 42 percent more than the year before.

We know what you like

We know what you like

The best-selling product of 2022 was

Calvin Klein

New store in Budapest

In the fall of 2022 we opened another flagship store in Budapest! You can find it in Mammut center, and the 400 m² store offers hundreds of world-renowned brands, innovative technologies, trained professionals, and the newest products and hottest bestsellers – simply everything a customer can dream of.

How many gift packages we wrapped for you


The fastest delivered shipment in Romania

The package was in the customer's hands in a record 3 hours and 38 minutes from the time of ordering!

24 000 000

In 2022, 4 million new customers shopped with us. That means there are already more than 24 million of you.

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Black Friday

Our customers love Black Friday! In 2022, they ordered almost 200 000 orders from us during Black Friday, significantly more than last year. And the year before. And also the year before that! In the past four years, the number of orders on Black Friday has risen by almost 100 000.

180 000year 2021
140 000year 2020
200 000year 2022

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We have

2 500

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