Alyssa Ashley

Alyssa Ashley perfumes | Alyssa AshleyAlyssa Ashley perfume brand was born in the USA during the 1960s, which was a decade full of social changes and changes in music, fashion, and perfumes. And among the most striking perfumes of this period are the perfumes by Alyssa Ashley that express the free spirit of the hippie generation. The brand is named after the youngest daughter of a talented painter, master of modern arts, and fragrance enthusiast. Her name was Alyssa but she was nicknamed Ashley because of her light hair. The Alyssa Ashley perfumes were innovative and different from popular perfumes at the time. And today they still focus mainly on young people. The brand develops, expands its lines of products, and keeps coming up with new products mixed from the best ingredients. The flacons and packages of the products by Alyssa Ashley designed by the artist are justly considered modern art.

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