11 revealed facts about fragrances everyone should know!



Carol Swan, notino.com beauty Editor-in-Chief answering the 10 plus 1 most frequent questions about fragrances and reveals some facts which might have been a mystery for you. Up to now!

 Why is there a difference in the scent when both you and your friend use the same perfume?

The scent develops different on different body. Why is it like this? Well, many factors influence this, among them mainly the genes, skin type, diet, medication (e.g. antibiotics might considerably change the original scent), stress and lastly and most importantly, your temperature.

How does your skin type affect your perfume scent?

Dry skin absorbs the perfume much quicker and so you need multiple applications a day to keep the sent lasting. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, then you can expect the scent to be intensive for longer periods of time since the fragrance molecules are distracted and can carry the scent.

Why do you feel that you don´t smell your perfume?

It is due to the fact that when I use one scent for a longer period, the sense of the smell stops being perceivable. Likewise, after some time, also our immediate surroundings becomes immune to the smell of the scent, but do not worry!  The others can smell it.


How comes that some eau de toilettes last longer than some eau de parfums?

The scent intensity is determined by the ratio of the essences and alcohol. The quality of essences and their origin, synthetic or organic, plays an important part too. When comparing an eau de toilette containing mostly organic essences to an eau de parfum with the same essences but of synthetic origin, then the eau de toilette wins by lasting much longer in scent.

What’s the fragrance shelf life?

It is said a fragrance shelf life is normally 24 to 36 months. But obviously it depends on the condition of the room you store your fragrance in - ideally a dry dark place. The worst enemy of a perfume is a sunny hot place so keep the perfumes far from that.

Our advice: If you like to alternate your fragrances and keep their original scent long lasting, we advise you to keep them stored in a dark, dry and cold place to persevere quality. For the purpose you can buy perfume travel versions Travalo refillable set and have all your favorite perfumes with you everywhere. Keep the original perfume bottles in a dark, dry and cold place.

Why is the scent of the fragrance from a store different from when you apply the perfume at home?

Fragrance is influenced by the environment. In the fragrance store there are a lot of scents mixed in the air. The air conditioning can affect the scents too. And most importantly - we do not wait long enough in the store to smell all the notes of the perfume. If you want to try out the scent fully, order a perfume sample and you can then decide if the perfume is the right for you at home.

Do scents influence our psyché?

Definitely! It is scientifically proven that some scents can calm us down (e.g. lavender and camomile) while others can stimulate our activity (e.g. neroli and bergamot).


How many fragrance samples can you try out at once without getting confused?

Three exactly.


Where to apply the fragrance when testing?

The inner part of one of your wrists. Then wait for a couple of minutes and apply another scent on the other wrist. The last, third scent can be applied on the inner part of your elbow.

How long should a fragrance last?

It differs fragrance to fragrance. However, the optimal time for eau de parfum to last is 6 -  8 hours, the eau de toilette usually lasts for 3 hours.


What can you do to help the scent last as long as possible?

The most effective solution is to use your favorite fragrance in different varieties. Apply perfumed soap, shower gel, body milk, cream, powder and eau de toilette or eau de parfum.

And one last tip: Always go for the full size when buying a perfume!



Carol Swan

Editor-in-Chief of notino.com

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