3 tips to make your makeup long lasting this summer

long lasting makeup

When applying our makeup every morning, we look for products that remain intact in our skin. We want to have a perfect face with a look that hides signs of fatigue and stress, especially during this hot and sunny season. Would you like to learn how to make your makeup last longer this summer? This is your lucky day! I will tell you 3 easy summer makeup tips so you can look fabulous this warm season.
It is not about using massive quantities, but buying the right product and applying it in the correct manner. Check out these wonderful ways to make your simple makeup last throughout the day!

1. Waterproof is the key!

Waterproof products will help you attain a long lasting makeup. Apply a primer before doing your makeup for better results. If you don't want to look like a raccoon during this hot season, avoid eyeliners. For those who cannot live without them, I recommend using a gel eyeliner that comes with a brush such as the Maybelline Eyeliner Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner or a waterproof eyeliner like the L'Oréal Paris Super Liner So Couture Black Waterproof Eyeliner.

        maybelline eyeliner lasting drama gel eyeliner             loreal paris super liner so couture black waterproof eyeliner

Don't forget that you need a waterproof mascara! Here are some recommendations: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara Waterproof, Dior Diorshow Blackout Waterproof & Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof.

      helena rubinstein lash queen mascara waterproof (          dior diorshow blackout waterproof mascara     max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara

2. Always go for a light makeup

A BB cream is the key to any long-term light makeup. It will achieve a desired and light coverage. There is a broad array of options to choose from. The Eveline Cosmetics BB Cream 8 In 1 is a great alternative for greasy and mixed complexions, suitable for all age groups. Another BB cream perfect for a flawless finish is the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Cream. Drinking water is a good habit, especially in summer. But don't forget to apply a moisturizer to your face to complement your routine.

        guerlain lingerie de peau bb cream for instant flawless look (            eveline cosmetics bb cream matte bb cream

3. 24/7 Lipstick

Are you still wondering how to make makeup last longer? The answer is simple: a 24/7 lipstick! Besides being long lasting, your lipstick must have a moisturizing effect to keep your mouth hydrated and beautiful all day long. Some recommended products that will give you both benefits are: Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate, Max Factor Lipfinity Long - Lasting Lipstick With Moisturizing Effect & Collistar Rossetto Puro.


         max factor lipfinity long lasting lipstick with moisturizing effect           rimmel lasting finish kate long lasting lipstick           collistar rossetto puro long lasting lipstick

Hope these tips will help you look beautiful at high temperatures! Don't forget to share this article on your social media :)

Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo
notino.com beauty editor