The Perfect Wedding Day Perfume


Yes, a signature wedding fragrance is a must have.

The best wedding day perfume? When it comes to planning your own wedding - one of the most memorable days of your life - it’s really all about how you remember the occasion. You’re spending a small fortune on a photographer and videographer, and maybe even encouraging your guests to share their experiences with your own branded   hashtag. So why not capture the occasion with a signature scent inextricably linked to the happy affair? Scents are so powerful that they can trigger our memory of an occasion many years later, sometimes for all of our life.

Perfumes and body oils have been “noted” throughout our history for thousands of years, but it’s believed that the ancient Egyptians first began using perfumed balms as part of religious ceremonies and later as part of pre-love making aphrodisiacs. Since scents can evoke feelings of love and attraction, boosting pheromones and passion, a custom designed perfume for your nuptials is a great way to further tailor the occasion, and surprise your groom at first sight.

It goes without saying that your wedding day is perhaps the most exciting day of your life, eliciting a rush of emotions from the moment you begin walking down the aisle, to saying “I do” and dancing through the night. Your heightened wave of endorphins amplifies the reaction between your skin and your scent. Your brain will automatically make a subconscious connection between the joy of the event and the potpourri from the day. Let this attention to detail make an everlasting mark on your sensory memory with the help of a potent potion, perfectly designed for you.

Since scent is such a powerful reminder of a specific event, don’t just stop at creating your own personal perfume. Waltz in a cloud of your favorite aromatic blend. Discover a room diffuser, candles or mix your own potion for your table linens. Simply dilute ¼ of your chosen scent with ¾ distilled, warm water in a spray bottle and mist over table linens and floral arrangements so the blend greets your guest’s senses as they walk into your ethereal reception.

As serendipity would have it, just this weekend I was gifted with Marc Jacob’s new  “Daisy Dream” blend. This sweet, floral,  powdery palette is a perfect companion for elegant nuptials (  What else? It comes in a beautifully adorned  blue bottle which both satisfies a sweet  tradition and will look stunning in pre-  ceremony photographs. Whatever your  choice is, make the search a fun experience that you, your soon-to-be and your guests  can enjoy on that day and for years to come.

So what is the best wedding day perfume? It really comes down to what best fits your style. Everyone has there own best wedding day perfume. So here are a few recommendations to get you started.

1. Chloe - Love Story. This brand exclusively concentrates on womens perfumes.

2. Lanvin - Marry Me. This fragrance name speaks for its self. This is a fresh, romantic scent for young  women.

3. Emanuel Ungaro - Ungaro Love Kiss. This scent contains notes of Pineapple, Lemon, Orchid and Rose. Its very seducing making you feel exceptionally beautiful and attractive.

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Written By Marissa O’Brien
Beauty insider & editor

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