Beauty Myths

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For many years we have heard some statements about beauty that we have believed without hesitation, like a scientific statement. Does shaving make hair grow thicker? Does chocolate give you pimples? Does dry skin cause acne? Does makeup ruin your skin? Does cold water open your pores? However, many of those topics can be simply a beauty myth. We've consulted several specialists who helped us identify what we should believe and what we should not consider as a fact. Here we show you the reality behind the 5 most popular beauty myths among women.

Myth #1: Shaving with razor causes hair to grow thicker

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This method is the most popular among women because it is the simplest and painless. However, you have probably heard everyone else tell you not to do it because hair will grow much thicker: this is completely false. Several dermatological studies have proven that removing hair with razors does not affect the growth, color or texture of the hair, as it does not alter the hair follicle, which is exclusively responsible for hair growth.

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Myth #2: Chocolate causes acne

Since a long time ago, it was believed that chocolate was a direct cause of acne. However, many studies have shown that this is not true, therefore we could say this myth blaming chocolate as the main cause of acne is false. On the other hand, it has been claimed that although chocolate is not the main cause, a daily ingestion of high sugar products can cause acne, so you should be careful about your diet and control those foods that cause breakouts.

Myth #3: Dry skin causes acne

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Your skin is confident that its lipid layer will protect it from potential irritants and keep a reliable cell turnover. When skin dries, its ability to perform these tasks is limited, causing a buildup of skin cells on the surface of the skin that can inflame with ease, creating a potential ground for acne. Therefore we could say this myth is true. However, there are many products that can fight against dry skin. Vaseline on face at night is a great tip!

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Myth #4: Makeup damages your skin

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Makeup is made of substances that could clog pores and sebaceous ducts, where the fat outer skin leaves. If makeup clogs pores, black spots or pimples and blackheads can come up. For that reason you should pick hypoallergenic makeup and above all, renew makeup frequently so that it is not contaminated by bacteria. If you think that makeup causes acne, let me tell you, this myth is not so true, not so false. Makeup does not have to be harmful, as long as it is used properly; it may cause aging and other problems when not used correctly, just remember to keep a great skin care routine and remove your makeup before going to bed and everything should be fine.

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Myth #5: Cold water opens your pores

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It is so funny how this question whether or not cold water closes pores came up to someone else's mind. This myth is false because if we think about it, pores are not switches that can be opened and closed. Although the size of your pores is genetically established and cannot be modified, good skin care and some tricks can help minimize their size.

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor