Best Lip Crayon

lip crayonVariations in lip products are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. From lipsticks, balms to lip glosses, each product will be used for a different event. Is there a universal lip product that girls can use at any moment? Yes! Lip crayons. If you are wondering what is a lip crayon, the answer is utterly precise in this article. These lovely products represent the ideal blend between the three lip products mentioned above: lipstick, balm and a gloss. Besides hydrating your dry lips, a lip crayon will give you the accurate polish and exposure.

Are you ready to find out which one is the best lip crayon? Here are 5 top lip crayons to shop right now!

1. Max Factor Colour Elixir 

If you want shaped lips painted in trendy tones, Max Factor Colour Elixir is exactly what you have been yearning for! Thanks to its precise pencil and soft formula, this lip crayon will make sure you look kissable all night long. Some may be worried on how to use lip crayon, but that is not something you need to think about with the Max Factor Colour Elixir.

2. Nars Satinmax factor colour elixirnars satin lipstick in pen sticksisley phyto lip twistastor soft sensation lipcolor buttermax factor flipstick colour effect

With a highly enriched formula of vitamin E, emollients and other natural ingredients, the Nars Satin lip crayon is the perfect combination between moisture and lipstick. This lip product has a creamy feeling in your lips and provides a matte finish to make your look natural and outstanding at the same time. With rich pigments, you can find this lip crayon in a wide array of colors to best match your outfit!

3. Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter

Astor Soft Sensation is probably the most advanced lip crayon when it comes to colors and results. It is as proficient as a lip balm and it gives your lips a modern matte look. With a precise pencil and long-lasting effect, this product might be the first choice when shopping for lip crayons for the very first time.

lip crayon how to use it4. Sisley Phyto Lip Twist 

With both lipstick and gloss properties, the Sisley Phyto Twist will leave your lips moisturized and plumped due to its dynamic ingredients. Each tone will match every life event you have and its pencil is super ease to wear. With every application, you will have a feeling of silkiness and relaxation. 

5. Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Lipstick

For a dual effect, the Max Factor Flipstick is the right choice! After applying this lip crayon you will have the most tempting lips available in a broad array of colors. This product offers a creamy and glossy effect and the secret to getting the perfect result lies on applying the creamy side on your lower lip and the shiny side on your upper lip. 

Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor