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The fall season should be about relaxation, pampering and treating yourself well. So let´s fall in love with taking care of yourself this fall! Although your hair cannot get a sunburn the sun still can harm it pretty badly. With the new season it is about time to give your hair the proper treatment it needs.

Wearing a hair mask for about 15-20 minutes once a week can definitely help to revitalize your hair, but an overnight hair treatment may have a much better effect, especially when your hair is very dry or curly. If you dye your hair frequently and use hairdressing tools all the time, you need to apply an overnight hair mask or oil to protect your hair.

Our sleeping time is a pretty big deal, so it could be the ideal time to apply different beauty treatments obtaining improved results due to the non-interruption time frame. Taking care of your hair is absolutely one of those things you can do during sleeping hours.

Remember that a beautiful and healthy hair has many requirements. It's not only about washing your locks with the right products, you need to apply moisturizers, trim your hair, apply masks and treatments and the process never ends. Try to do at least one of these activities at night and you'll soon see better results. What is the best overnight hair treatment product? Are you ready to find out? Let's review our top 3 overnight hair repair products!


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1) Rene Furterer Karité – Intense Overnight  Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair

If you are looking for a regenerating mask acting at night, then this product might be the right one! This effective treatment repairs damaged hair while renovating its vigor, and preventing potential rupture. It soaks up immediately and won't leave oily remains on your bed. Leave the Rene Furterer Karité Treatment overnight and wash it out in the morning, try to use it at least twice a week for better and faster results.

2) Jericho Hair Care  Hair Mud Mask For Oily And Irritated Scalp

Jericho Hair Care products are a powerful hair regenerators, capable of nourishing your hair overnight if needed. Jericho Mud Hair Mask will help you treat and restore your hair with its rich Dead Sea Mud and it will leave your hair shiny and natural looking. Jericho can heal even the most problematic hair and return it to its natural shape. This mask restores essential elements damaged by hair coloring, bleaches and other chemical processes.

3) NIOXIN Intensive Treatment – Deeply Regenerating Mask

This innovative treatment helps to improve the quality and strength of your hair. The combination of very active substances is designed for dry, damaged or dyed hair. The Nioxin Mask helps reduce brittleness and smooths the cuticle. Apply evenly to the washed hair and let it work for 3 – 5 minutes or overnight if needed. Then rinse thoroughly.

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