Bumble and Bumble review

Bumble and Bumble Shampoo

If you love beauty products, (who doesn’t?) you should know about Bumble and Bumble. They are a very well-known hair product company whose products will keep your hair looking beautiful and strong even when the weather is trying to keep your hair’s spirits down. Have dry, brittle, thin hair that you can never seem to manage? Never fear! You aren’t alone and Bumble and Bumble can help you reclaim your glorious locks (and maintain them too!)

Products You Have to Try

While some people believe that all shampoos are created equally, they are dead wrong! While some shampoos may not necessarily be up to standards for the price they charge, the range of Bumble and Bumble Shampoo will never move you in the wrong direction. Each and every one of their shampoos are designed with you in mind and you can get a shampoo for anything your hair needs. If your hair is dry or damaged or oily or too thick/too thin, they have a shampoo for that!

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Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray is like no other. You can use it with a blow dryer, iron, roller, or really anything your heart desires. It’s that versatile! Spray it on anytime to begin the styling lift for any type of hair. It has a good holding strength and can be used on damp hair. Work it through your hair before you use heated tools, after you’ve used a preparing lotion on your hair, style it for a great ‘do.

bumble and bumble grooming styling creme

No it isn’t a gel or a mousse but it can replace them both. It is super versatile and has a lot of hidden strength. You can use it to slick your hair back, add some volume, lift your roots, or even define curls. The more crème you use, the better it will hold (whether your hair is wet or dry). Use it after a prepping lotion and before you style your hair for maximum hold. Work it through your hair when it is damp and use heat (when using like a mousse) for volume, or don’t use heat (like using a gel) for more control of your locks.

Where to Buy Bumble and Bumble Products

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Prepared by: Carol Swan
notino.com beauty editor