Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria and Women’s Perfume

calvin kleinA women’s perfume is always the final touch on every outfit. The icing on the cake one could say. But how many times do we actually take the time to ensure that we have the right perfume blend for that special occasion or to complement our unique identity. Our perfume choice can tell a lot about some of our personal characteristics that the eye does not behold. Your perfume is a unique scent where you can express deep desires of our hearts to those willing to hear.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria is a beautifully refreshing light perfume for all occasions.

Opening us to its airy breeze of cherry blossoms, tipped with uplifting mandarin and bergamot. In the heart it creates floral harmonies of violet, pastel rose and syringe. It then dries down to a light bamboo, sandalwood and bare musk to create a gentle sensual base. Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria is a perfect light women’s perfume for all occasions. Endless Euphoria was created as a daytime counterpart to Euphoria. It illuminates the provocative fantasy of the signature fragrance into a daydream fantasy filled with cherry blossoms.

calvin klein endless euphoria perfume1Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria is a light perfume to wear during the days of warmer seasons. It can complement and blossom gracefully on the skin on a warm sunny days. The scent has mastered a perfect balance of perfection, neither too strong nor too weak. It keeps you smelling fresh without being bold or overwhelming.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria will not disappoint you.

If you are leaning towards more light, airy smooth gentle floral with a hint of citrus you will love Endless Euphoria. This is a very beautiful, sophisticated, classy and sensual scent at the same time. Depending on your skin type the longevity of this perfume will last you throughout the day or more.calvin klein endless euphoria perfume2 You will not be able to go wrong with Endless Euphoria. If you are also looking for a special gift for somebody special, whether she be girlfriend, mother or co-worker, Endless Euphoria is also a safe choice even for the pickiest of perfume connoisseurs. The exotic cherry blossoms will not only brighten the mood of the wearer but will also brighten the mood of anyone that passes them by. Created with care, precision and love by Calvin Klein. Try for yourself the beautiful light fragrance of Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria.

Prepared by Carol Swan
Beauty editor-in-chief