Calvin Klein Euphoria Review

calvin klein euphoria review calvin klein euphoria women calvin klein euphoria men calvin klein euphoria perfume euphoria calvin klein calvin klein euphoria gift set calvin klein euphoria eau de toilette What Does Calvin Klein Euphoria Smell Like?

Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume is an intriguing blend of exotic floral scents.  The top notes include lush green scents, as well as the aroma of deep red Asian fruits such as the persimmon and the pomegranate.  For the mid notes of Euphoria, Calvin Klein has chosen a blend of flowers from the East, including the elegant black orchid as well as the delicate lotus blossom and the champaca flower. The champaca, also known as Ylang Ylang, is a venerable flower in the art of perfumery; it is what gives Chanel No. 5 its distinctive smell.  The end notes of Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume are the rich, earthy scents of mahogany, liquid amber, and black violet.

For Whom Is Calvin Klein Euphoria Appropriate?calvin klein euphoria review6

You can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein Euphoria; women who like floral scents with a sensual, mysterious quality to them would be delighted to find a Calvin Klein Euphoria gift set under the tree this holiday season.  There is even a Calvin Klein Euphoria men’s fragrance, which still has the characteristic scent of black orchid, but contains fewer of the other more feminine floral aromas.  In the men’s fragrance, these are replaced with more traditionally masculine scents, like patchouli, sage, and Brazilian redwood. 

It isn’t an overwhelming smell, so men and women who do not like to wear heavy perfume will still like it. Men who like Aqua di Gio also tend to like Calvin Klein Euphoria men.

calvin klein euphoria review2Is Calvin Klein Euphoria Affordable?

Of course, the best news is that Calvin Klein Euphoria is reasonably priced.  Even when you pay retail price for it, it still smells as good as other perfumes that cost a lot more.



Why People Love Calvin Klein Euphoria

People who wear Calvin Klein Euphoria say that it is a clean scent that makes them feel sexy and confident. It is a versatile enough fragrance that you can wear it to an office job, a cocktail party, or almost any kind of social event.

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Prepared by Carol Swan

Beauty editor-in-chief