Choosing Perfumes for the Holiday Party Season

Winter brings with it a wealth of indoor events, celebrations, and parties. And so the time is coming when you’ll need to dust off your evening wear. That also means switching from lighter fragrances to others more seductive and mysterious. We’re certain that with careful preparation you can avoid the “I’ve got nothing to wear” panic and focus on the festivities instead. You’ll easily choose a favorite from our selection of fragrances with personality that are made for a festive atmosphere and a black-tie dress code.

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Top Scents for a Little Black Dress

The “little black dress” dates back to the time of Coco Chanel. She turned it into an indispensable part of every wardrobe and of every stylish woman’s social life. No matter whether you choose a minimalistic, elegant style or your hanger holds a frilly dress, beautiful and engaging fragrances will help you perfect your “look.” We’ve prepared 7 fragrance tips that will help you feel like the queen of the evening.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to be decadent

Calvin Klein has convinced us time and again that his expertise extends to fragrances. This is proven by, among others, his iconic Obsession, which is a real black-tie scent. It captures the decadent shine and sexuality of the extravagant lifestyles of the eighties, when celebrities adored this perfume and you encountered it at nearly every occasion. Its green tones gradually take on the aromas of exotic fruit, vetiver, musk, and amber. Ideal for a passionate woman with a distinctive dress.

Tip 2: Fulfill your wishes

Let’s gush for a moment over the stylish flacon of the ladies’ fragrance Goodgirl by Carolina Herrera. Even on its own, this collector’s item in the shape of a high-heeled shoe would be good enough reason to desire this Eau de Parfum, but there are other reasons too. The perfume’s beautiful, long-lasting composition will surround you all night long. You’ll fall in love with its ripe and decadent scent of cocoa, tonka beans, coffee, and almonds, softened with tuberose and jasmine.

Tip 3: Wrap yourself in a bouquet of fragrance

The luxurious unisex fragrance Lancôme Oud Bouquet has a majestic and gratifying aroma of saffron, roses, vanilla, agarwood, and pralines. Oud Bouquet is an attractive and pleasantly sweet fragrance that’s a great choice for passionate women who aren’t satisfied with just anything. The beautiful mosaic of a rose in full bloom on the flacon seemingly prophesies what’s inside. It’s ideal for a woman who knows her assets and isn’t afraid of a close-fitting black dress.

Tip 4: Trust in Mugler

Mugler Alien is not alien at all – it’s a gorgeous, simple scent. Cashmere wood, amber, and jasmine are concealed inside a wonderfully elaborate flacon. Alien is a sophisticated fragrance that goes well with an elegant dress. Owning this perfume, you’ll enjoy an aroma that exudes peace, calm, and magical magnetism. The boisterousness that radiates from Alien will liberate you from any preconceptions about how women’s scents should be, and so it’s best for a woman who wants to stand out.

Tip 5: Provoke – but be refined

Refined women are sure to appreciate Agent Provocateur Fatale from the London lingerie firm Agent Provocateur. Passionate, seductive, self-assured – that’s the Fatale Eau de Parfum, just like the lingerie you choose under your little black dress. This fragrance is ruled by exotic cocoa, gardenia, and mango, along with chocolate, patchouli, and Peruvian pepper. It’s worn best by an agente provocatrice.

Tip 6: Be scandalously irresistible

Forget about those angels from Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. Scandalous is a very popular fragrance from this perfume family, and you definitely won’t feel like an angel when wearing it. More like a devilishly attractive queen. Its beautiful flower-decorated flacon conceals a simple yet forceful aroma of peonies, raspberries, and pralines. A fine choice for every playful and extroverted woman.

Tip 7: Less is sometimes more

Montale Dark Purple is a seductive, eager, and yet sophisticated fragrance that goes perfectly with a simple dress. Its composition conceals a pleasing depth and a rich cocktail of high-quality, complexly constructed fragrance elements. Here musk, teak, and amber lie in opposition to plum and orange. This fragrance is rounded out with a heart of red berries and patchouli. The result? A winsome and velvety scent with uncompromising endurance. Be ready to get noticed by the people around you! One tip in closing: Be yourself, no matter where you go. And don’t forget to enjoy every minute!