Contouring for pale skin

contouring for pale skinLast year some of us were still wondering what contouring was and the benefits of this innovative makeup technique. From celebrities to professional makeup artists and youtubers, contouring has become one of the favorite practices in the makeup world. Today, we will show you a video with contouring for pale skin in a light and natural way; contouring is specifically to create a contour in the face, a lighter tone representing areas where light falls; and a darker shade representing areas without light and were shadows take place.

Contouring is the staining technique that highlights, hides and modifies all facial bones (forehead, nose, cheekbones, jaw ...) through a game of light and shadow. The secret is knowing which parts of the face we want to accentuate and which ones we want to camouflage.

Contouring is mostly used on fair skin. Since lighter skin tends to be more sensitive, it requires special care. Fortunately for you, we've collected a list with the best makeup products for fair skin through this pale skin makeup tutorial! Are you ready to learn everything about contouring for fair skin and the best colors for pale skin? Keep reading this article, watch the video and you will become a pro very soon!

howtoremovemakeup1. Remove your makeup

Before you apply any product on your face, you must clean it. This should be a rule applying to any makeup tutorial. Start with cleansing wipes such as the Nivea Aqua Effect or the Neutrogena Face Care and then finish with a facial cleanser that deeply removes your eye makeup and other areas that the wipes couldn't reach. You can use the L'Oreal Paris Gentle or the Clinique Rinse Off.

nivea aqua effect refreshing cleansing foamloreal paris gentle eye makeup removerneutrogena face care

2. Primer, primer, primer

Once you have removed your makeup, it is time to apply a foundation primer! For this tutorial we used the Catrice Prime And Fine anti-red base, because it is suitable for all types of complexions and it also neutralizes red spots, while minimizing the pores and fine lines of your face. If you have pale to fair skin, this product will work perfectly on you! Before moving to the next step, remember to shape your eyebrows using a brow brush.

3. Liquid foundation

Depending on your skin tone, you can either use the ivory or true ivory color. We went for the Rimmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation (Ivory tone). This brand is well known for its high quality as it blends perfectly with any type of skin. Apply it all over your face, including dark circles under your eyes. Tip: If you don't have pronounced shadows under your eyes, there is no need for a concealer, you can even use your liquid foundation as a concealer.

catrice prime  and fine antired baserimmel match perfection liquid foundationthebalm sexy mama invisible mattifying powder

4. Powder

Since we are trying to achieve a natural makeup for fair skin, we used an invisible powder: theBalm Sexy Mama Invisible Mattifying Powder. This product is suitable for all skin types. It gets rid of shine and will set your makeup without a hint! Apply it evenly on your face and don't worry about the amount because this is a translucent powder!

pale skin contouring tutorial eye makeup5. Eyeshadows 

For this fair skin makeup tutorial, we will be using natural eyeshadow tones from the theBalm Nude Dude Eye Shadow Palette With Brush. We worked mainly with white and a little bit of brown for the crease, eyelid and brow bone, and then we applied a touch of black on the upper lash line.

thebalm nude dude eye shadow palette

contouring face parts6. Light Contouring

We wanted a natural look, therefore we did a natural and light contouring makeup for pale skin  by using the Nars Blush-Bronzer Duo. This product allowed us to create the best makeup for pale skin with contour. The method is simple. We already applied a liquid foundation with the model's skin tone. Now it is time to emphasize her facial features with the bronzer and blush. Apply the bronzer slightly to the areas shown below in the picture. Don't forget to apply the blush on the apple of the cheek! Once you have done it, add a little bit of translucent powder to the entire face.

7. Time for your lipstick!

Before choosing a lipstick color, remember your mascara! We used the L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes for beautiful and long eyelashes. As far as the lips, we decided to go with the Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss (Coffee Kiss tone) to keep a natural look.

lipstick application


Watch our video tutorial for more details on this natural makeup for fair skin!!!

Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor