Creed Aventus Review

creed aventus review

Aventus Creed cologne is one of the most popular and best reviewed Niche colognes. Women just absolutely love the scent of Aventus cologne on men! Why do men like Creed Aventus cologne? Well, one of the reasons is that its composition can boost their self-confidence considerably.

What is the origin of Creed fragrances?

Creed perfumes originate in London and its history started in 1760 when a Creed cologne was founded by James Henry Creed. Since then Creed perfumes have been picked by the most demanding customers.

What’s so unique about Creed fragrances?

Creed perfumes have been so renowned for keeping the ancient processing techniques. Creed fragrances are delicate compositions of raw sources, especially ambergris. Ambergris is a waxy substance which occurs in the abdomens of whales. Ambergris can be collected on the coast or when floating upon the sea. This ingredient allows the scent last longer and since it becomes sweeter by aging, amber also gives the scent some delicacy and sophistication. Creed perfumes have always been using ambergris of the best quality.

Who are the most influential wearers of Creed perfumes?

Creed fragrances have been favoured by the most powerful members of royal dynasties, such as Queen Victoria, Austrian Emperor Franz Josef and his wife ‘Sisi”, Sir Winston Churchill, and President John F. Kennedy. The popularity of Creed perfumes remained among the royal and presidental circles till nowadays. Creed perfumes have been worn by Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.

How was Aventus Creed cologne created?

Aventus cologne officially entered the fragrance market in 2010 in the form of a cologne for men. As mentioned above, Creed fragrances have always been connected to the life of significant monarchs - individuals seeking for peace and love but also conquering the world in battles (often demonstrated on the example of Napoleon Bonaparte himself). An image of a warrior rider actually became the brand’s logo. Creed Aventus cologne is supposed to evoke masculinity, power, self-confidence, courage and success. And the brand managed to personify these qualities in a scent perfectly. Thus, a masterpiece fragrance - Creed Aventus cologne was born.

creed aventus perfumeCreed Aventus Cologne review

With the very first spritz of Creed Aventus you can smell bergamot as a dominant note. However, this citrus accords are followed by the pineapple notes, which have been generally described as the most authentic interpretation of the pineapple scent. It clearly evokes fresh diced pinapples tempting to be eaten. The upcoming apple notes even intensify the impression of freshness. You might say that a citrus-fruity top notes are a common introduction in colognes but in Creed Aventus the fruits are proceeding to a woody-smoky heart which instantly makes the scent of Aventus cologne very mysterious. These smoky accords come from the birch bark essence. The fruity-woody composition of the Aventus cologne is a very unique idea and a really universally wearable result  - the scent gets playful and serious at once, is suitable for all seasons and all occassions. Creed Aventus matches both casual and festive outfits. It is full of contrasts but perfectly balanced at the same time. The magic of the scent is its transparency. Creed Aventus is itself a very self-confident cologne.

And that’s not all! The base notes reveal sweet vanilla with the earthy patchouli notes and ambergris. The lasting of Aventus cologne is up to 10 hours. If you want to get just one perfume wearable anytime, Creed Aventus is the right pick. offers Aventus cologne in all available sizes, including the perfume samples which gives you a chance to try out the scent before your purchase. Save even more buying yourself a Creed Aventus tester


Carol Swan
Beauty Editor-in-Chief