Daily routine: Winter hand care

In this, the last part of our winter Daily Routine series, we focus on hands and frost. Hand care in winter and nail nutrition are nothing to underestimate, especially at this time of year. Your hands need extra care, not just because you use them constantly, but also because their skin is thinner and less protected than the rest of your body. Now let’s be honest—who of us wears gloves consistently? How many of us warm our chilly hands under a hot tap?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Daily Care

Step 1: The first step, and often a neglected one, is to carefully wash your hands. This removes all bacteria and prepares your hands for moisturizing—just like how you wash your face before doing makeup. But be careful with the temperature swings to which you subject them. Having cold hands may not feel pleasant, but trying to warm them up under warm or hot running water is a recipe for disaster. It really dries their skin out and can easily burn them. If your gloves haven’t managed to keep your hands warm, wash them in lukewarm water and massage them gently with oil or cream to warm them up.

Step 2: For hydration, choose a winter hand cream that suits the weather outside and the state of your skin. Freezing? Sharp sun? Cracked skin on your hands? How about your cuticles? Never underestimate the choice of the right cream for your particular skin problem. There are hundreds of hand cream types out there nowadays, so we’ll show you a couple of them below.

Step 3: One or two times a week, use a hand wrap and a nail treatment with calcium and silicon. Just rub on a generous layer of moisturizer, then give your hands an hour to rest in hand treatment gloves. If you don’t have treatment gloves around, try putting your hands in bags and tying these with a towel or other piece of cloth. It isn’t nearly as comfortable, but it has a similar effect.

What’s the Best Hand Cream for Winter?

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Hand Cream for Cracked Hands

We hope that the hand cream reviews below will bring relief to your cracked hands. Elizabeth Arden‘s Eight Hour Cream line includes a luxury hand cream: their gel cream for dry and cracked hands, which locks in moisture and gives damaged hands immediate and long-lasting protection and relief. Garnier Repairing Care restoring hand cream also brings strong relief to cracked skin. The allantoin in this cream has a major regenerative capacity, while its glycerin creates a protective layer on your hands to prevent premature skin ageing.

Hand Cream for Freezing Weather

You can also find a superb hand lotion in the Clarins line: the Body Specific Care moisturizing hand lotion. It just may be the best hand cream for dry cracked hands. Here sesame oil soothes and softens the skin, while Japanese mulberry extracts protect the hands from bad weather with an invisible “glove” and minimize the signs of ageing.

Hand Cream for Dry Hands

The best hand cream for dry hands with very delicate skin is a natural moisturizing cream with nourishing oil. The Palmer's Hand & Body Shea Formula may be the best hand cream for dry skin if you have sensitive skin. 

Hand cream with UV filters

We’ve discussed winter sunscreens previously in our article “Sunscreens for Skiing—Myths and Facts”. In the mountains or the city, under the sun or the clouds, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from UV rays. Our favorite product, which gives your hands SPF25 protection, is Neutrogena Hand Care, its Norwegian technology using active soya intensively hydrates and nourishes your skin. It regulates the production of melanin, reduces the emergence of brown lesions, and helps prevent their emergence.

Winter Nail Nutrition

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Your hands are often your calling card, and well-manicured nails have much to say about your health. Alongside vitamins from your diet, you can provide your nails with vitamins via special creams and varnishes. Nuxe offers a classic here: Reve de Miel hand and nail cream, which strengthens your cuticles and prevents breakage. We recommend using it just before going to sleep, to give its active ingredients as much time as possible to act.

Apply a nourishing varnish to your nails 1-2 times a week. We like Nail Therapy 8-in-1 Nail Conditioner by Eveline Cosmetics, as well as Sally Hansen Strength—fortifying care for problem nails. If you have nail care tips or tricks of your own, please share them, as we’ll be pleased to hear them!