Product Review: Decleor, Paris “Aroma Sculpt Divine Rejuvenating Cream”

rejuvenatingProduct: Decleor, Paris Aroma Sculpt Divine Rejuvenating Cream

Promise: To firm and tighten skin and reduce sagging, aged skin.
This product is made for people who are looking to revitalize the elasticity and youth of their skin. Over time, our skin naturally loses it’s firmness, leading to what appears to be aged, sagging skin especially around the arms and legs. With a unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients, Decleor promises to rejuvenate the skin back to it’s former youth.
I purchased this product because I am always looking to use products that help to restore my skin’s elasticity. I’m nearing my 30’s, but with so many amazing products on the market to help restore your skin’s health and promote anti-aging, it is never too early to begin a healthy rejuvenation regimen.

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The product came in a 6.7 Fl. Oz container. The frosted packaging was a chic touch. Upon opening the product I immediately noticed the richness of the lotion. I would compare the consistency to a thick coco butter formula.
Upon applying the product, you’re greeted with a blend of scents which make up the custom formulation, including chamomile, lemongrass, grapefruit and frankincense. The consistency is ultra-rich. The product glides on seamlessly, but does leave a slight waxy residue, which I welcome as my skin is extremely dry. I would recommend using this as a night-time rejuvenating cream for that reason.

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This active ingredients in this product are what sets it apart from others in the category. Mainly, Decleor Aroma Sculpt includes 8 essential oils and Phyto-Firm Complex for real results. Other ingredients including immortelle, rose, lemon, myrrh essentials oils, shitake extract and macadamia plant oils make this luxurious French formulation a standout in the firming category. In addition, the formulation includes no mineral oils, and is colorant and fragrance free.



For anyone else who is concerned about the fillers placed in our beauty products, this one passes the test.
Overall, I would recommend this product as a deeply hydrating firming cream to use on arms and legs in the evening. The essential oils are aromatic and relaxing. Your skin is left feeling rejuvenated and restored. For best results, spend a few minutes massaging the cream into each targeted area, always in upward sweeping movements.

Reviewed by: Marissa O’Brien
Beauty insider & editor