Detoxification and deep skin cleansing

The rush of the Christmas season, fatty foods, and parties ... The end of the year is always demanding, and it’s no wonder we need detoxification and regeneration with the start of the new year. Detoxification is more than just drinking fruit juices and herbal teas: our skin, which takes a heavy beating at the end of the year, also needs deep cleansing. But your daily routine needs more than just a good skin cleanser.

Skin Care Routine

To restore that healthy glow to your skin, a truly intensive detox is necessary from time to time. What does that actually involve? When detoxifying, it is essential to avoid clogging your skin with synthetic substances. Therefore, choose the best natural cosmetics free of parabens, silicone, synthetic perfumes, and preservatives.

If you really want to cleanse your skin, stop using make-up for at least one day to allow your skin to truly breathe. And yet many of us cannot afford this luxury. Don’t worry! Choose make-up from quality dermocosmetics brands which do not clog your pores or burden your skin. Or try a BB or CC cream with a lighter structure. But be sure to avoid wearing make-up when doing sports activities, as it prevents the excretion of toxins, and these can clog your pores.

Daily skin cleansing routine

Step 1: Morning skin cleansing

Most of us forget about our morning skin cleansing. But dust and dirt settle on our skin even overnight. Luckily, it’s enough to clean the skin with a toner that refreshes and tightens pores at the same time.

Step 2: Drink a lot of fluids

The foundation of detoxification is drinking a sufficient amount of fluids. Water flushes toxins from the body, preventing them from being excreted by your skin. You should drink at least two liters a day.

Step 3: Make-up removal

A face wash is simply the foundation. To remove the greatest amount of impurities, it’s best to use a make-up remover milk or cleansing oil, and then proceed to an intensive skin cleanser.

Step 4: Use a facial cleansing brush on your face

You can clean your skin with pads with skin cleanserMicellar water is also an excellent face cleanser that does not irritate the skin. For deep cleansing and pore cleaning, we recommend using a skin cleansing brush on your face. You can buy an excellent electric cleansing brush from Braun, Mary Kay, or Silk'n. Those from Foreo Luna are top-of-the-line devices. 

Step 5: Tone and hydrate

Now that you have perfectly clean skin, refresh it with a toner, apply a light night cream, and let your skin rest. Intensive skin detoxification Supplement your daily routine periodically with an intensive skin detox procedure. Try detoxification masks, skin peeling, and even facial gymnastics to help intensify blood circulation in your face and flush harmful substances from your skin.

Skin peeling with detoxification effects

Skin Care Routine

The main function of peeling is the removal of dead skin cells. Your skin will be beautifully aerated and will be better prepared to absorb nutrients from creams, facial serums, and masks. Peeling should be performed once a week, as more frequent applications could cause damage. Before application, rinse your face and then apply the peeling solution with gentle circular movements, avoiding the sensitive areas around your eyes. Then rinse the peeling solution.

Detoxification face masks

Detoxification masks also provide your skin with intensive cleansing. Apply the mask to clean skin and let it work for the period specified in the instructions. Mud masks have excellent detoxification effects. Try the Ahava Mineral Radiance detoxification mask with Dead Sea minerals.

A perfect treatment is the L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay black clay mask, which absorbs all the impurities from your skin and pores and also eliminates skin imperfections and inflammation. This mask is ideal for those with acne. Of course, a healthy lifestyle, fresh air, and regular exercise also help with skin detoxification. You can then enjoy your flawless skin.