Discover the best summer niche fragrances!


The best niche perfumes for the summer season
Strong, luxurious, unique but still perfect for summer
Transparent, fresh, citrus or floral accords is the perfect characteristics of a summer fragrance. What about trying something a bit more luxurious summer #niche,
unique, long lasting perfumese which will define your excellent style?
Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01
This is a phenomenal fragrance which has achieved enormous success. It is one of the top #niche perfumes in our offer. The genius composition of the perfume is based on just one simple ingredient - Iso E Super. The scent is a bit sweet close to a sandal-cedar wood. The fragrance is actually a chemical spray which develops in a different way on different bodies. Its scent reacts to your skin and the result is thus really unique. It is also typical for the fragrance that you cannot feel it on your own skin but you might receive a lot of compliments. The perfume is perfectly suitable for any season of the year and any occasion.

the best escentric molecules

Mancera - Cedrat Boise
We have a special pick for men! Mancera - a French cologne full of summery fresh and long-lasting notes. The cedar wood combines with blackcurrant and citrus. The base is made of rather strong hints of white musk. Cedrat Boise is a masculine clean scent suitable for daily wear.

the best cedrat

Montale - Pure Gold
One of the most favorite French niche perfumes! Fresh apricot mixed with jasmine and white musk create a very pleasant and wearable scent ideal for hot summer days. If you are looking for a bit soapy, clean scent great for daily wear, do not miss out on this exclusive creation.

the best montale gold

Serge Lutens - Fleurs d'Oranger
Love the scent of the orange tree? Check this out! Orange mixed with tuberosa and jasmine create captivating and optimistic effects. A sweet floral scent created by Serge Lutens will brighten your summer days!

the best serge lutens

Creed - Millesime Imperial
The fragrance created for all fascinated by the sea! Creed is a pretty unisex scent made by a French brand. Fruits combined with the seasalt scent evoke the feeling of freshness and summer holiday by the sea. The fragrance base is made from ambergris giving the perfume distinctive charm and elegance.

the best creed

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