Do YOU sleep well? YOUR HAIR might not!

How do you treat your hair before going to bed? Do you put your wet hair up without any styling? Do you usually postpone combing and brushing your hair until next morning? You should provide your hair a proper night cure and thus prepare it for a good sleep. Especially if you have long hair, you do not want to cause its damage. In the following article you can find the right advice to avoid some mistakes in your hair treatment behavior.

hair treatment before sleeping

Wet Hair

Going to bed with wet hair and letting it dry naturally belongs to most common mistakes. Wet hair is more inclined to break. During your night rolling about the bed, you roll your hair back and forth across the pillow and thus damage it. It is much better if you put your hair up into a loose bun or a braid. However, the best option is to dry your hair naturally, at least partly, before you go to bed.

Hair Treatment

Do not forget to brush your hair using a gentle hair brush. We recommend, for example, Tangle teezer. First, you save your time on morning hair styling. Second, it is not advisable to go to bed without brushing your hair beacuse it gets tangled and completely damaged.

Did you know that the sebum, which is present in the hair follicle, is coating the whole hair during a day. It protects hair from breaking. If you regularly use styling products (hair spray, hair mousse), it is also necessary to comb out your hair in the evening.

TIP: Use satin pillowcase. This fabric stops hair tangles and damage.

Wake up with pretty hair - Hair Night Care

Do you have enough time for hair treatment within washing next morning? You can use your sleeping time for a deep hair regeneration. Try to apply an oil treatment in the form of your favorite hair mask. Then wrap your hair into a Saran Wrap and cover with a headband or a loose cap.

Try to experiment! You can also add natural oil. Oils should be cold-pressed. Concerning the hair mask, it should be purely or almost purely natural. Some producers offer night hair treatments. Any mask created from natural sources would fulfill the purpose. We recommend Redken Extreme regenerating mask, which is very economical because you need just a bit of it. The very best solution is to mix all the oils and use the hair mask only as a concentrate to thicken the mixture. Do not apply the treatment up to the roots but only from the ears to lenghts in order not to burden the hair roots. 

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