Dueto Parfums – scents inspired by the city

big dueto niche perfumes

Niche perfume brand Dueto Parfums has appeared on the market relatively recently. It was established in 2010 when four people from different global cities came together, having decided to create ultra-modern perfumes inspired by contemporary urban society. The unique perfumes such as City Oud and Lady Cool are undeniably inspired by the Arabian school of perfumery. They are enriched, however, with a range of highly modern urban elements.

My Notino colleagues don’t take a disliking to things without reason. The Dueto Parfums bottles aren’t for everyone though. I had the opportunity to test the Golden Boy fragrance for men. I have to say, it really caught my attention. It certainly isn’t a mainstream scent you can find on every corner. It’s more of a fragrance for people who really get perfume, fashion trends and have really refined tastes. That’s just what all the Dueto Parfums fragrances are like.
The motto of Dueto Parfums is that there are cities around the world that follow a new, cosmopolitan culture. They are inspired by current, must-have, global trends: from Paris to Tokyo, New York City to Sao Paulo. The perfumers work with these trends and design perfumes like fashion designers design dresses. The design, knowledge of the Arabian school of perfume, and high quality ingredients selected without compromise add up to niche fragrances worth having.

City Oud

City Oud is the very first fragrance by Dueto Parfums. It was introduced in 2010 with the slogan “OUD is the new black in the world of perfumes.” City Oud is a modern urban ode to a classic ingredient of Arabian perfumes – rare oud wood – one of the top ingredients this year. This unisex scent opens with cinnamon and saffron, with heart notes of rose and frankincense, with a final hit of oud and patchouli. It is suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

Golden Boy

Do you love the scent of leather and smoke? Then you have to try the unisex perfume by perfume designer Sonia Constant, Golden Boy! Golden Boy is like sitting on a leather chair or going into a leather shop and inhaling the scent with floral, woody accords followed by sweet vanilla and musk. It is a playful, smoky unisex fragrance, best for evenings or cold winter days. An interesting fact is that it smells different on men and women. On men, it is incredibly masculine and attractive; on women, it is mysterious, and delicate yet arousing.


It’s love at first sniff with aromatic Uber: an unmistakable combination of ginger, coriander and a bitter wormwood scent. Designer Michel Girard has combined this scent with fresh, spicy, aromatic and woody notes and created a truly distinctive unisex fragrance. If you like original woody perfumes, definitely give Uber a try.


To start with, there is a fresh green scent, which gradually develops into woody and smoky notes. Citiver evokes the lush greenery of a bustling city. It is characterized by its original approach to masculine vetiver, which plays a significant role in it. Although it is described as a unisex fragrance, men are more likely to appreciate it. This fragrance was created by the designer Ursula Wandel. It is suitable for all-day wear and will surprise you with its longevity.

Lady Cool

The sweet aroma of pear and cardamom, distinctive floral undertones of rose and jasmine, and base notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Lady Cool is an extremely pleasant woody women’s perfume with a slightly sweet touch created by renowned perfume designer Olivier Pescheux. Be lady cool and try this distinctive niche scent for modern women in a stylish metallic pink bottle.

City Love

A perfect combination of romantic flowers with sensual oriental wood. City Love is undoubtedly one of the most successful perfumes by Dueto Parfums. Powdery violet, intoxicating roses and fresh lemon grass, finishing with a rare oud with patchouli and Indian papyrus essence. This harmonic composition is by designer Oliver Pescheux.