From Beach to Party!

Create a Sexy Beach Look in No Time!

It starts in the shower

Shower after the beach is a must. After being exposed to the Sun all day long, the skin needs refreshing as much as boosting. That’s why we should pay increased attention when choosing the right shower gel. In the summer it’s really advisable to use something special, not just an ordinary shower gel we are used to. Collistar Speciale Abbronzatura Perfetta is a shower gel that prolongs the tan and has an amazing scent. 

We should also use a different shampoo. Although we use a high-quality shampoo that regenerates hair over the year, it’s just not enough in the summer. Salt water and chlorine can cause the same damage as sunlight. Therefore, we should use a suitable regenerating shampoo. Collistar Speciale Capelli Al Sole is the right choice! 

make up

Hair and skin nourishment is essential

Only healthy hair looks good! Our hair suffers from the direct sunlight and frequent soaking in hot summer days.  It leads to dry, lifeless and droppy hair. You want to rock?! Then, you’d better not miss an intensively nourishing mask that hydrates hair and gives it a shine and elasticity! You won’t take the wrong step with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Sun Protect

Your face needs to be hydrated in summer too. La Roche-Posay Hydreane Hydreane Legere is a good choice for a reason. It contains a high proportion of thermal water which makes it light and ideal for summer. It absorbs easily, sooths irritated skin promptly, unifies skin tones and creates the perfect base for your make up.

The Sun can both give your skin a bronze touch and harm it at the same time. Luckily, there are quite a few products that nourish, sooth and heal the skin, such as Lierac Sunific Apres-Soleil.

Sexy summer styling

Styling is just as important as nourishing. First of all, hair should look natural, not too sleek. The best are shaggy hairstyles and wavy hair (Shaggy hairstyles are suitable for short hair too!)

You don’t need to spend too much time blow drying and styling your hair, just a little bit. Then comes the best styling product for summer - Styling Spray with Sea Salt. It fixates your hair, makes it wavy and gives it more volume.  Your hair will look fabulous!


Nude make up is the best choice for summer

You will never go wrong with the so-called nude make-up in the summer. It has been a big hit this year!

How to achieve the nude look? Use only a little bit of make-up with a light texture in order not to weigh your skin down as much. Fast absorbing, brightening and hydrating make-up fluid is the best. Your choice should be Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream.You can use a light powder but only if necessary.

Choose beige, light brown or bronze color for your eye shadow and complete your look with mascara.

You can skip the blush or use a light color if necessary at all. But you should definitely use a highlighter  which is used just like the blush. It adds a pearl touch and you will dazzle!

TIP: The latest trend is to complete or rather disrupt your nude make-up with a neon lipstick which adds the right jazz.

Let’s Party!