Gold Paco Rabanne Women′s Fragrance – a perfect gift

The history of Paco Rabanne dates back to the 60s of the last century. Franciso Rabaneda, an architect and later a fashion designer established Paco Rabanne brand and got involved into fragrance business. He has designed a range of very successful fragrances. And we are now introducing you one of them.

Gold Paco Rabanne Women′s Fragrance –  a perfect gift

Golden Diamond

Paco Rabanne Lady Million fragrance was introduced to market in 2010 and thanks to its design it was named Golden Diamond. No wonder that already the bottle catches your attention and attracts you. Golden color looks very opulent but tasteful and the bottle itself indicates that the perfume is intended for a remarkable woman. Lady Million fragrance is very distinctive combination of war and gentle smell which is an ideal companion for fall and winter. Lady Million can make a pretty gift.

Perfect Harmony of Scents

Paco Rabanne Lady Milion presents a magnificient fragrance aimed at self-confident, remarkable and incredibly charismatic women. For women who know what they want in their life and they are brave to make their dreams come true. What makes this fragrance so unique? It is a delicate combination of notes which finally create an enchanting sweet scent. That makes every woman desire for the fragrance after she smell it. 

Top notes are represented by sweet white honey and patchouli graduating into gardenia, refreshing orange tree and charming jasmin heart tones. However, the base notes include lemon, sweet raspberries and neroli. The untypical combination suggests that the fragrance is ideal for sensual women who like to accent their exceptionality and womanity.

Every woman can be sensual and elegant with Paco Rabanne Lady Million fragrance