Have you got your tangle teezer?

Do you suffer from tangled hair and do you experience a nightmare while brushing it? Do you need to detangle your hair so hard that you almost break the comb? Do you dream about healthy and shiny hair? In that case, do not hesitate and purchase an exclusive Tangle Teezer hair brush which has been reffered to as "a real miracle" by its users !

Have you got your tangle teezer?

How does a tangle teezer work?

Tangle Teezer professional hair brush can detangle your hair pain free and turn them into a bright beauty crown - thanks to its originally designed bristles which are specially arranged with an ability to bend at tangles. And so, the Tangle Teezer will brush through the hair without pulling or tearing it. Minimal amount of hair remaining on the brush is the proof of TT great effects!

More health and gloss to your hair thanks to Tangle Teezer!

Tangle Teezer leaves your hair perfectly smooth and shiny. It not only untangles your hair but its bristles arranged densely close to each other can smooth hair structure. It supports hair natural resistance and health. While regular use of Tangle Teezer your hair can experience the difference. It regains its strenght, form and gloss.

Universal use!

Hair brushing with Tangle Teezer is very fast and easy. It is specially designed into an ergonomic shape which provides comfortable manipulation and you can also enjoy a scalp massage thanks to its dense bristles. Tangle Teezer is  exceptional because it is also suitable for wet hair brushing. A great tip is to use Tangle Teezer for proper hair conditioner or mask application. After this, you easily rinse your TT with water.

The miracle Tangle Teezer brush is suitable for all lehghts and hair types. Do you wear hair Clip-Ins? No problem for tangle teezer to brush hair extensions gently without any damage to it. You get perfectly smooth and styled hair pain free and without any breaking!

A brush that has reached a worldwide success!

Tangle Teezer, a unique professional brush was designed by a British hair stylist Shaun P. who provides personal hair styling to celebrities. Based on many years of experience with hard untangling, he decided to invent a brush which would untangle hair without their breaking. His Tangle Teezer invention immediately amazed the whole hair styling world and almost over night became one of the most favorite and best selling brushes in the world. The brush has already been awarded a number of times and has been recommended by most renowned hair stylists all over the world.

Design versions:

Tangle Teezer brush has been available in several design versions. Each has its original look, the function is the same. Apart from classical Tangle Teezeru Elite, you can also purchase a practical Compact Tangle Teezer in a smaller size with a special cover making the brush perfect for traveling or into your handbag.

The unique Tangle Teezer brush is also suitable for fine kids′ hair. A little princess will definitely appreciate a kids′ Tangle Teezer Magical Flowerpot brush in the shape of a flower and fits perfectly into a small kid′s palm. The small flowerpot can also serve as a practical container for little girls′ jewels.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash is a great news and its look was specially designed for the use in shower and easier hair mask application.