Home Fragrance Tips from the Scent Experts

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 Fall is just around the corner and it's time to make your house smell like it! The following are a few tips on how to create a warm and cozy living space and your home the most inviting yet! What is better than entering a home (especially if it’s yours!) and taking a nice, deep, gratifying breath in as you’re greeted with a brilliant array of fragrances? It’s hard to top the delight of walking into a home that not only looks clean but smells wonderful, too. There is something deeply satisfying about having a home that greets you with scent profiles that match a perfectly arranged space for both you, your family and your guests. It is one of the key elements of making a home a heartwarming, inviting space. That’s why our scent experts at Notino have put together a listing of our top tips for creating a home fragrance for anyone’s taste, and for any time of the year!


Room-Specific Scents

While some people like to use one particular flavor or blend throughout their home, we think that a home can include several scent profiles, actually. And determining which one is right for each room can be a fun test phase all by itself! But to help jumpstart you on your home fragrance exploration, here are some general suggestions from our experts.


  • Entryway: Delight your family and guests when they walk in with something that “blooms” as they enter the threshold. Flower fragrances like gardenia, rose and jasmine offer a wonderful aroma that evokes brightness and the ambiance of fresh cut flowers. This is a perfect solution if you don’t have the time or want to spend the money to purchase fresh flowers regularly for your entry table.
  • Kitchen: Your kitchen is often the space in need of the most damage control when it comes to fragrance. Depending on what type of cuisine you cook and how often, those scent profiles can last hours or days. For when you want to “clean up” your kitchen aroma and give it its own unique character, try using fragrances that pair well with food in general, like thyme or basil. If you want to rid your kitchen of its aroma, first turn on your vent hood and open a few windows to clear out the air. Follow up by utilizing “juicy” fruit fragrances like apples and citruses which will help to neutralize the air while permeating above other lingering food profiles.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a place of relaxation and restoration, and it’s the perfect zone to tap into the “zen” aromatics. Definitely try home fragrances with lavender, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or chamomile in them. To evoke a warmer, sexier tone, try home fragrances that have deep, rich profiles like vanilla, musk and amber. These are especially delicious during the winter months when you may be wanting to feel especially cozy and toasty!
  • Bathroom: This is a room in the house that almost always is equipped with its own fragrance neutralizing plan. Whether you use air fresheners, candles or room spray, the bathroom is the perfect spot to utilize citrus fragrances in particular. They are great at neutralizing odors quickly while brightening up the space. Fan favorites are orange, lemon and grapefruit!


Ways To Deliver Home Fragrances

  • Candles: The most time-honored and traditional way to infuse fragrance into the home is by using candles, of course. The soft glow of the flame is intimate and captivating, so your home not only becomes permeated with beautiful fragrances, but also casts a soft and intimate setting wherever the candle is placed.
  • Oil Diffusers: Using an oil diffuser is a safe and effective way to deliver a consistent flow of fragrance around your home without the worry of watching out for an open flame. These “set it and forget it” diffusers are the perfect choice for busy families or for areas that you want to keep scented for days or weeks without having to maintain them. They are also versatile since you can put the scented oils in pretty much any glass receptacle, making them a great choice for persnickety designers!
  • Room & Linen Sprays: If you want to quickly freshen up a room, your furniture or linens, a room or linen spray is the best and most practical option. While candles and diffusers can take time to build up in intensity, a room or linen spray will fill the air with fragrance within seconds when you want, or when you need, an instant update.
  • Scented Sachets: Premade bundles known more commonly as sachets are made with a perfumed blend of filling that can be used in things like dresser drawers or closets to keep clothing smelling fresh and fragrant. Clean cotton or linen blends work best to extend the life of your clean clothing.
  • Air Vent Clips: Just like the clips you use to freshen up your car, you can also affix these vent clips to your air conditioning vents in your home that, when the air turns on, will permeate the entire house quickly and efficiently with fragrance.
  • Incense: Whether using traditional or modern incense cubes, this is a nice way to add a distinct fragrance profile to a room that is traditionally more earthy in context.
  • Potpourri: Not only is potpourri a great option for seasonally scenting your home, it is a go-to décor option that works well in presentation bowls or jars, or as a foundation for faux flowers and greenery.