How do you make your lipstick kiss-proof? Five steps are all you need

lip makeup

Ladies, do you know how to apply lipstick that is truly kiss-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting? It’s possible but not that simple. Professionals say you can’t just apply it – you need to take a few extra steps. But if you follow these, you can look forward to your lips not drying out and your lipstick not bleeding and it won’t come off when you kiss someone! Let’s face it; that would be really handy on a Valentine’s date.

1. Apply Vaseline to your lips to moisturize them and then use a clear pencil to stop the lipstick from bleeding.

If you don’t know which Vaseline to use on your lips, try Vaseline Original, which customers say even sensitive skin can tolerate. It also lubricates them thoroughly and doesn’t leave them feeling greasy. We recommend Artdeco Lip Liner Invisible Lip Contour, an invisible pencil to contour lips, which is essential for filling in the lips and especially to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Artdeco is not tested on animals, which is even better.


2. How to draw lips with a contour pencil

Contouring lips before using the lipstick itself means you perfectly cover any unevenness and achieve a precise shape for your lip makeup. On your top lip, start from the cupid’s bow to the corners. For your lower lip, start from the sides, with the lines joining in the middle. Be careful not to go over the outer edge. It is better to stick to the edges of your lips or their inside edges. Then smoothly draw in the rest of the lips so you are not left with just a bare outline. We recommend a quality contouring pencil for a reasonable price - Artdeco Mystical Forest.


3. Add color with a satin lipstick and fine-tune with a contour pencil to make your lips perfect

We think Nars Audacious satin lipstick works because, as you’re sure to know, matte lipsticks have been ahead of pearl ones for a while. This one in particular leaves a pleasant satin effect after putting on your makeup. Always apply lipstick with a brush to achieve intense colors and a more precise line. After applying lipstick, fix any smudges with a contour pencil and check the sharpness of the corners.


4. Fix using a powder lipstick sealer with glitter and apply a light shade around the lips to highlight the contours.

Lipstick sealer is a practical tool because once it is applied, not only will your lip makeup last longer, but it won’t fade either. And if you want to achieve visually fuller lips, we have a tip for you. Artdeco Crystal Garden Powder Lipstick Sealer With Glitter! Just apply a thicker layer in the middle of the lips. Don’t forget to also apply a light shade to highlight the contours. Shading around the lips is another important trick to optically enlarge them. First choose a light shade and apply on the sides around the lips; in the middle, just above the cupid’s bow, apply a light, pearl shade. This creates a contrast that makes your lips stand out beautifully.


5. Final corrections, i.e. no removal

Attention, ladies, this is something you should know. Your lipstick won’t get wiped off! The final corrections to your lips need to be made with a pencil. Focus especially on the corners so they stay nice and sharp and smudge-free. However, if you have gone over the lines a lot, it is better to use a thin concealer, preferably a pencil, to hide it.


And there you have it – perfectly made-up lips that nobody can kiss away, even on Valentine’s Day.