How to clean makeup brushes

how to clean makeup brushes

Did you know that poor hygiene of our makeup brushes can trigger an outbreak of acne or even an infection in your face? A dirty brush can ruin your favorite cosmetics stopping them from pigment correctly? Therefore, it is very important to keep a cleaning routine that is appropriate for your brushes so they are always ready to use and can last much longer in perfect condition.

When taking care of your brushes you need to know how to wash makeup brushes to avoid damaging them. It is vital to know the right technique, letting the water go from the hair base to the tip, and trying to wet the handle as little as possible. If we do it in the opposite direction, water would enter inside the brush, and could rot the wood handle and damage the hair fibers.

Another significant aspect you should take into account is drying. Depending on the density of hair brush, it may take one to two days to dry completely. Last but not least, think about what to clean makeup brushes with, soup, shampoo or could it be something else? We'll tell you the best makeup brush cleaner and some steps for cleaning makeup brushes that will guarantee efficacy and quality!

You'll need Missha The Style Water For Cleaning Brushes & Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Liquid Soap.

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How to clean makeup brushes:

  1. Open the tap of your sink and let it warm up a little. Always clean your brushes with warm water, because cold water will not clean the whole brush.
  2. Mix warm water with Missha the style water in a bowl.
  3. Rub the makeup brush on the bowl until you see that the foam changes its color
  4. Repeat the process until foam comes out completely clean
  5. Rinse: Place your makeup brush facing down. Leave it in that position until there is not a drop of soap.

How to clean foundation brush

Wash your foundation brush after each use. You can repeat the steps shown above or use olive oil to clean your foundation brush

How to dry makeup brushes

You can cover the lid of a box with plenty of absorbent paper: kitchen towels for example, then place over the small brush, letting it dry all day.

How to clean makeup sponges

In a bowl with cold water, add a few drops of soap; you can use the same one you use for the face or a shower gel, I would recommend Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Liquid Soap. Gently squeeze and compress the makeup sponge, then rinse with cold water and remove excess of water with a clean towel. Finally, let the makeup sponge dry in a ventilated place.

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor