how to find your skin tone

When it comes to selecting the right makeup, your skin tone plays a crucial role. Right now, you may be wondering how to find your skin tone in order to make a great purchase. What factors should you take into consideration? Are you a warm or a cool? What if your skin tone doesn’t fall under any of those categories? These and more questions take place when you are about to shop for your foundation, powder and even eye shadows. Luckily, I have great news for you! Identifying your skin tone can be easier than ever thanks to my skin tone quiz.

Your skin's undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral shade that shows through the external color of skin. Even though the superficial color of skin varies depending on sun exposure and other circumstances, the skin’s undertone remains constant. Some elements like your hair and eye color will help you choose the proper colors to highlight your natural physiognomy and make you sparkle. For that reason, knowing whether your undertone is warm, cool or neutral will guarantee that your foundation matches your skin and you look radiant and natural all the time.

Discover how to find your skin tone and get useful advices on making your color selections a piece of cake. Don’t waste your money buying make up with the unfitting undertone for your skin. Take the quiz below and learn how to find your skin tone now!


1. What is the color of your eyes?

A. Group 1: Black, brown, gray 
B. Group 2: Blue, green, hazel 

2. What’s your hair natural color?

A. Group 1: Red, reddish brown, golden blond 
B. Group 2: Black, brown, blond, ash blond 

3. What happens when you expose your skin to the sun?

A. Tan with no trouble
B. Burn easily

4. Which color looks better on you?


5. Take a look at the vein inside your wrist. Which color do you see?

A. Blue-Green
B. Blue-Purple

6. Which clothing colors make you look better?

A. White/Ivory
B. Darker tones

If most of your answers fall under category A, then you have WARM undertones! You have the ability to tan easily and you most likely have a yellowish/brown warm undertone. If most of your answers fall under category B, then you have COOL undertones! You burn quickly and tend to flush easily, whether your skin is fair or dark. If your answers fall under both categories equally, then you have a NEUTRAL skin tone! You have no signs of olive, pale or pink overtones. People with neutral skin tone have no problems when looking for foundation and powder since their skin can adapt to different tones.

Foundation Picks

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Despite of the answer you obtained from this quiz, the best way to find your skin tone and make sure a certain foundation is right for you is certifying it matches your skin accurately, specifically in day time. You will look natural and your face won’t look like you are wearing 3 coats of make up!


Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor