how to get white teeth

Do you want to learn how to get white teeth and give the best first impression to your future mother-in-law, boss or even crush!? It’s not as hard as you think and you might get surprised knowing that this process can be achieved easily, quickly and at affordable prices!

Most people think that the secret to a perfect smile is having the best teeth and nice lips, yet they don’t know that having a whiter smile can be even more inviting and engaging than the picture-perfect teeth or lips. Just picture this: You have the nicest set of teeth but they are yellow or stained. How do you think your smile looks like? Sorry to say this, but it won’t look good! Your smile is the first thing people notice and it can send away many different messages. People might think you don’t care about yourself by not brushing your teeth or that you smoke a lot.

Fortunately, I’ve got three different methods on how to get white teeth fast and for less than $35!

1) Tooth Whitening Strips

If you were wondering how to get white teeth in just a few days, then Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid is the answer to all of your prayers. By putting these strips to your teeth every day, you will get clearly whiter teeth in just 30 minutes. If you are a beginner in teeth whitening techniques, this product will be your best friend! You’ll be able to notice results in just 12 days! How to get white teeth will not be a concern anymore!

cststrw ktps2) Whitening Pen

Whitening pens are a popular technique for several reasons. They are inexpensive, effective and compact; results are visibly within 2 weeks. There are different brands of teeth whitening pens and the option of which type of pen to use depends on each person. If you are ready to learn how to get super white teeth, here are some of the best teeth whitening pens that will help you achieve that goal: BlanX Extra White Whitening Pen and Talika Smile & Kiss Transparent Gel


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 3) Whitening Treatment

Are you looking to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness? If that is your immediate goal, then the BlanX Extra White Whitening Treatment is the ideal method! This severe whitening treatment will remove stains faster than you think! By applying this technique twice a day, you’ll be able to see results in two weeks.

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Don’t forget that having great and white teeth is crucial these days, not only for relationship purposes, but also for your professional career. Any of the methods listed before will help you figure out how to have a perfect smile without breaking your piggy bank!

Go ahead and try one of these techniques and feel free to tell us on the comment box below which one worked best for you!


Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor