How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

The great dilemma of women and men the world over, both today and surely for centuries, has been, “How do I make my personal fragrance last longer?” You spend a small fortune on a fragrance after finally deciding on the precise aromatic blend that you feel your best showing off for hours, only to find it has faded in what feels like minutes!

Perfume Last longer

Summer season is in full swing. Have you already been to a festival or on holiday? Were you satisfied with the longevity of the perfume you wore? Let’s be honest. It is not easy to make our favorite summer scent last long when it is so hot outside. And since we are at the mercy of the potency of the fragrance itself, there’s not much you can do to keep your perfume or cologne pumping its exotic aroma long into the day. Or is there?

Perfume Last longer

We took a deep dive into the perfume industry in search of some tips and tricks to make your fragrance last hours longer, while saving you a few extra spritzes a day! Read some of our best tips for helping your fragrance last longer below, then test them out yourself! We hope this advice will help you stay fragrant not only throughout the summer, but also the whole year round!

Perfume Last longer

Skip Scented Lotions

You may not think of this at first, but scented lotions, even mildly scented ones, will interfere with the longevity of your summer perfume or cologne. Not only does it interrupt the scent profile as it mixes with the aromatic blend of your body lotion, but thick lotions present an unnatural barrier on the outer layer of the skin, preventing the perfumed oils from penetrating properly. This, in turn, disrupts the natural “diffusion” of the scent throughout the day that is characteristic of a well-made fragrance. Rather than blending with your skin’s unique chemistry, the cologne or perfume sits atop a thin veil of lotion and never reaches its maximum potential. Our tip? Snag a sheer, unscented lotion to prevent any blending or interruption when applying your favorite fragrance. Try Eucerin’s Smoothing Repair Light, Fragrance-Free Body Lotion, which will add fragrance-attracting oils to your skin without interrupting the blending and penetration of your favorite summer perfume or cologne.

Scent A Scarf in Colder Days

Perfume and cologne does last particularly long on clothing, though does not exude the mixture of scent profiles that is characteristic of skin. Still, spraying your signature scent on a scarf is a great way to keep the basic scent profile of your favorite fragrance lasting all day, even several days in many cases. A scarf will also sit close to your body’s natural heat zone, the neck, which will help to diffuse the perfume or cologne as the scarf becomes one with your body’s natural heat. A few fragrances that are particularly pungent, and therefore will last days on your scarf, are Chloe’s eponymous Eau De Parfum for Women, and for men, Dior’s classic, high-intensity “Fahrenheit”.

Perfume Last longer

Hair Fragrance Spray

Your hair is actually a great spot to spritz your favorite fragrance. But the high alcohol content in perfume and cologne can dry out hair, especially during the hot summer months when retaining hair’s moisture is coveted. So instead, splurge on a fragrance made especially for hair. Lots of perfumeries are now offering “hair fragrances” for their most popular lines, like Thierry Mugler’s Angel, Dior’s J’adore and Burberry’s Brit Rhythm. If you can, opt for a formula that comes as an oil, which offers double duty beauty: a hair fragrance in a frizz-taming oil blend!

Prep With Petroleum Jelly

Not only is petroleum jelly a great skin protector, it can also help your summer perfume or cologne to “stick” better to pulse points, like on wrists or the nape of your neck. Petroleum jelly mainly lengthens the time your skin is supple and “dewy”, attracting the chemistry of well-made perfumes and colognes to the body better. Simply add a thin veil of petroleum jelly to the desired pulse points and spritz with your favorite fragrance. Don’t “dab” wrists together though! Experts say this can “crush” the fragrance notes and prevent them from lasting longer. Pick up a classic jar of Vaseline’s Original Pure Petroleum Jelly, which is triple-filtered to remove any impurities and a staple in any medicine cabinet.

Perfume Last longer

Store Fragrance In A “Cool Zone”

Many of us keep our perfumes and colognes on pretty display trays right in the bathroom, but this actually inhibits the longevity of the fragrance itself. Humidity and moisture break down the fragrance’s composition while weakening its potency. Instead, ensure your fragrance lasts as long as possible by keeping it in a cool, dry place. Also, keep any perfumes or colognes out of direct sunlight. The sun and warmth will break down the molecules and oils found in your fragrances. If you’re finding it hard to stick to these tips, keep the box it came in as a storage container!

Perfume Last longer

Know Your Scents

If your goal is long-lasting perfume or cologne, then take “note” of the name. Anything marked “eau de toilette”, for instance, is made to be lighter than its “parfum” counterpart. The same goes for “sprays” and “eau fraiche” formulas. Try to purchase fragrances that say “eau de parfum” or “extrait de parfum”, which notates the formula is developed with the longest-lasting fragrance oils. Shop the richest, most long-lasting perfumes for women, or the richest, most long-lasting men’s cologne.


Test out these tricks and let us know if they worked for you! Know another tip for keeping your fragrance lasting longer? Write to us at and tell us your special trick to keeping your perfume or cologne lasting all day long! We may even feature your suggestion on a future blog!