How to pick eyeshadow colors

how to pick eyeshadow color makeupOne of the most important steps when doing our makeup is the eye shadow. Eyes are a distinctive part of the face and probably the feature that best describes our physical appearance. We can see similar lips or noses, but eyes are a unique trait each individual has. When we shop for eyeshadow colors, we tend to select a palette that has certain shades that will match our eye color.

How do I know if I'm picking the right eyeshadow colors? Is there a guide for each tone? What is the best shade according to my eye color? These and many other questions arise when we are looking for an eyeshadow palette that suits our needs and preferences. Fortunately for you, I did a research on how to pick eyeshadow shades according to your eye color, and I'm super excited about sharing all my results in this article! Keep on reading and you'll find out which colors will look stunning on your eyes!

how to pick eyeshadow brown eyesEYESHADOW COLORS FOR BROWN EYES

Even though brown eyes seem to be the most popular eyes around, there are particular eyeshadow colors that will make your brown eyes look different from the crowd! Vibrant shades will create a contrast if you have really dark brown eyes. From electric blue to fuchsia and purple, choosing an energetic color will never go wrong with your beautiful brown eyes. (Check out this makeup tutorial performed by a professional makeup artist using a hot pink eyeshadow color on brown eyes) 

Copper shadows will highlight your brown eye color while looking great with different outfits! Gold and green tones are also a good fit when it comes to finding the ideal eyeshadow colors for brown eyes. 

Recommended Product for Brown eyes:

Shiseido Eye Color Bar Eye Shadow Palette

eyeshadow for brown eyes

how to pick eyeshadow blue eyesEYESHADOW COLORS FOR BLUE EYES

If you have strong blue eyes, make sure they are the center of attention with the proper eyeshadow colors for blue eyes. You might think that going to the opposite direction is the wrong idea, but it actually works out pretty well! Orange shadows look spectacular on blue eyes, especially if you combine them with neutral tones. Metallic and bronze shades are perfect for night out events, and purple shadows will help emphasize your blue eyes flawlessly.

Recommended Product for Blue eyes:

Maybelline Big Eyes Eye Shadow

eyeshadow for blue eyes1

how to pick eyeshadow hazel eyesEYESHADOW COLORS FOR HAZEL EYES

Brown and warm brown shadows happen to be the right companion for hazel eyes. These shades create a soft effect that will make your eyes pop! Green tones are also ideal when picking eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes. If you wear bronze shadows with your hazel eyes, you will look like a goddess who just came out from a fairytale. 

Recommended Product for Hazel eyes:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette

eyeshadow for hazel eyes 

how to pick eyeshadow green eyesEYESHADOW COLOR FOR GREEN EYES

Green eyes are probably the most seductive eyes ever. Selecting the appropriate eyeshadow color for green eyes will make these gorgeous twins glow like never before. Smokey eyes are one of the most popular makeup tutorials for green eyes, since the contrast between light and dark can create an explosive outcome. Ashy brown and gray are colors you can use to get your smokey eyes. Purple comes back again, being a crucial element for any eye color. Green eyes look amazing with almost any shade of purple. Tip: shimmery shadows are a great acquisition for people with green eyes :) 

Recommended Product for Green eyes:

Bourjois Smokey Eyes Eye Shadow

eyeshadow for green eyes


Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor