How to pick the right blush

how to pick the right blushWhen it comes to picking the right blush for your skin tone, trouble can be along the line. From pale rose to peach tones, there is a wide array of options available in the market, and many of us still wonder what color is blush? Blush is a shade of pink, and it varies on makeup depending on your complexion. The right blush can flatter your facial features, creating a vision of cheekbones and even making you look younger.

Every woman's skin tone changes vaguely during the year, due to outside elements like sun exposure, aging, etc. It's significant to remember that just because a coral powder blush was wonderful throughout your adolescence, it's going to work the same in your early thirties. Blush is a must have makeup tool in spite of the season. Whether you have a special event or just a regular day at work, blush will always keep your face looking alive and full of radiance.

With several lovely shades available, even girls experienced in makeup can feel frustrated when shopping for blushes. It is crucial that you already know your skin tone before looking for the perfect blush color. This article will teach you how to pick the right blush according to your skin tone. Whether you need a matte blush or an orange blush, we'll tell you exactly which one will fit your complexion flawlessly.

How to choose the right blush for your skin tone

blush for fair skinBest Blush for fair skin

Are you blessed with a beautiful porcelain skin? For all the fair skin ladies, there is a rule you must remember: lighter is always better when it comes to your blush color. The classic pink is ideal for all light skin girls. A baby pink tone will give a delicate glow to any pale skin woman. Before purchasing a new blush, make sure you try it on outside the store because lights tend to be strong inside the store and you will not appreciate the real tone.

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Brische BlushCompact Blush

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush

 nars blush duo powder blushbrische blushrimmel lasting finish mono blush


Blush for Olive Skin

blush for olive skinGirls with warm olive skin tones have a broad arrangement of possibilities when it comes to blushes. A peach blush will be the right choice to create a subtle and natural glow in your cheeks. Choosing a color that is too light or too dark can make you look either pasty or clownish. Golden tones can also create that shimmering and soft appearance, especially if you apply a bronzer to contour your face.

Recommended products:

Maybelline Fit MeBlush (Deep pink)

Guerlain Rose Aux JouesDuo Blush (Over rose)

Maybelline Affinitone Blush (Peach)


maybelline fit me blushguerlain rose aux joues duo blushmaybelline affinitone blush


blush for dark skinBlush for dark skin

If you have a beautiful dark skin, you are capable of darker blush tones. Applying a red blush will let you play with your natural skin tone while giving your face a warm mood. Avoid light colors, as they can make your skin look pale and inert. Orange and deep bronze tones will also enhance your natural beauty and make your cheeks glow. Remember that dark skin can stand pigments, so don't be afraid to use colorful blushes! 

Recommended products:

Nars Cheek Palette Multicolored Blush

BareMinerals Blush Blush (Lovely)

CoverGirl Cheekers Bronzer With Brush 


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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor