How to Solve Your Cellulite Problem (Without Going Crazy)

Treating Cellulite

Treating Cellulite

The time around the start of the new year has always been a little awkward for me. The Christmas-tree ornaments are back in the attic, and spring is slowly drawing near. Perhaps you too are troubled by the thought that a few months from now you won’t just be wearing your new bathing suit to the pool, but your cellulite as well. This year like every year, I’ve turned to the new year’s research on how to get rid of cellulite, hoping that someone somewhere has come up with a miracle pill that you just swallow and it’s… gone. And also like every year, I found articles that wanted to “shrink” me, “smooth” me, and maybe even make me “disappear” and—like every year—I panicked about how on earth I’d solve my cellulite problem in time this year.

A New Point of View

This year is a little different, though. A fresh wind is bringing about changes, and models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence have a clear message: accept and love yourself as you are. Cellulite neither defines us nor diminishes our value. It doesn’t tell us that we’re lazy, ugly, or overweight, not good enough, or not ready for a bikini (or anything else). That’s something we tell ourselves.

For years, I associated cellulite with a picture of a slim arm holding an orange and, below it, a dramatic, aggressive, and sometimes even threatening headline promising eternal damnation if you didn’t sort things out. Naturally that was followed by feelings of guilt after I did everything they recommended and followed all their advice and tips and tricks—and cellulite still faced me in the mirror. I think 2018 might be the first year in my life when I’ve been able to see myself without the usual feeling of hatred, despite all the bumps and lumps. It’s clear that cellulite is hard to accept, let alone love.

And it really is good to take care of it so that it doesn’t become a major health issue, just as it’s a good idea to maintain a healthy lifestyle, remove your makeup, brush your teeth, stay hydrated, and sometimes even work up a sweat. But what isn’t good is unending hatred and suffering in front of a mirror, or hiding yourself under long sleeves on a beautiful day.

Cellulite Through the Looking Glass, or: Why Me?


Cellulite affects everyone, no matter what your weight. Men, women, every body type. Cellulite is normal. After all, it’s a natural way in which the body stores fat. However, as the fibers that connect the skin to the underlying muscle weaken—the fat lies in-between them—the fat cells push up towards the skin, creating the uneven surface that’s often called “orange peel” skin. The health of your lymphatic system also affects cellulite. This system eliminates excess fat from subcutaneous skin and purges toxins from your body.

The Best Cellulite Care

I’ve promised myself that this year I’ll finally declare a truce with cellulite instead of waging war on it: instead of trying in vain to make it disappear, I’ll learn to take care of it properly. I’m going to try and handle the cause instead of the effect. That means hydrating better, eating better, and exercising more, as well as spending far more time on prevention: regular massage of susceptible areas, stimulating my metabolism, and energizing my skin with a natural scrub of ground coffee, sea salt, and organic coconut oil. I’ve found a natural cosmetics brand named Weleda that offers a great anti-cellulite package for this with a massage sponge, a shower scrub, and oil with birch extracts.

I also steer clear of stress, since it reduces the levels of all my key hormones, including estrogen, which is essential for optimal burning of fat. That also means no stressing out in front of the mirror! So you can see how unrealistic expectations can actually take us backwards when we’re trying to improve.

Cellulite Creams

cellulite creams

Naturally I’ve tried numerous lotions at every price level. Some worked and an improvement could be seen; some not so much. There sure is a wide selection today. From Avon, Eveline, and dermocosmetic brands like Biotherm, Eucerin, Vichy, and Collistar, to products with a heating effect from the Korean firm Missha, to the luxury products by Elancyl—and many more. But what truly helps with both accepting and caring for cellulite is regular routines. If you take care of yourself each and every day, it becomes a pleasant, healthy habit. Find your “ally” in a tube here.

When I asked my friends and workmates about their experiences with cellulite creams, I was surprised how many of them said they had a cream, or a gel, or a serum on their shelf. Even my skinny friends, by the way. We compared notes and wrote up a list of our favorite products, ones we’d recommend. Our mission? To take pleasure in our care routines. Hello, miniskirts 😊.

My friends who prefer dermatologist-approved products recommended everything by Collistar and Elancyl. These both focus on targeted firming treatment. Elancyl is very interesting. Back in 1978, they were the first to try caffeine in cellulite treatment, and they also use something called chronobiology—it’s all about using active natural substances in harmony with biorhythms. Their shower treatment with extracts of sorbaria and ivy, which is a great combo with the Fermeté body lotion, really won us over.

Meanwhile the Italian brand Collistar has a Special Perfect Body collection that includes high-quality care ranging from cooling gel to intensive slimming serum and home mud wraps. And Collistar offers everything you could think of for treating every part of your body that “they” call problematic, using extracts of echinacea, green coffee, and seaweed. What final advice can I give? Be good to yourself. Expect the possible. Just smile at the impossible.

You’ll be so much happier. And happy = beautiful.