How to take care of your eyelashes

All girls know that no eye makeup is complete without a retouch in your eyelashes. But before getting there, every woman should know how to take care of eyelashes. Getting the faultless lashes is not just about choosing the best mascara, it involves a more thorough process. From moisturizing and caring for your eyelashes to acquiring the right products, there are many things you need to learn.

Eyelashes are a fundamental part of your eye, and we know long eyelashes create a gorgeous look in every woman. For that reason, many of you are wondering how to grow your eyelashes, and luckily for you I have many answers to that question. Not all of us are blessed with long and thick lashes, so If you don’t have naturally long eyelashes, then you need to keep reading this article on how to make your eyelashes grow and give you the most attractive eyes ever!

How do you make your eyelashes grow? What's the secret to the perfect lashes? Here are some easy steps you need to follow in order to enhance the beauty of your eyes while giving them the proper care they need!

1. Remove your makeup at night

Before starting any treatment on how to take care of eyelashes, you must remember that nothing will work well if you are not removing your makeup at night. Keeping your eyes clean before going to bed is a crucial factor to make your lashes grow faster. (Learn more on how to properly take off your makeup here)



how to make your eyelashes grow2. Moisturizer

After cleansing before bed, you need to apply a product that can moisturize your lashes. Apply a small amount of Talika Eyelash Nutritive Cream For Eyelashes using your fingertip. Make sure you apply this cream to the tips of your lashes as well. Another product that will support your eyelashes is the Lancome Cils Booster XL Balm For Eyelashes. This balm contains D-panthenol and vitamin E while providing your eyelashes with detail and nourishing matter. Suitable for all skin types, this product knows how to make your eyelashes grow and strengthen them.

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3. Eyelash Conditionerretadvw kmsc

If you are still wondering how to grow your eyelashes and make them look irresistible, then the Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is exactly what you need! With this original product you will get incredibly long and tick eyelashes in no time. The Revitalash Advanced uses natural peptides that nourish the lashes to get firming results and improve their quality. This conditioner has been ophthalmologically tested and will provide your hair with a complete look!






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4. Mascara Primer

What makes your eyelashes grow is the accurate mascara, and the L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara For Volume not only knows how to take care of eyelashes, but it doesn't clump and has the effect of a million lashes, giving you the watertight long and tick eyelashes. A mascara will make our lashes look voluminous and stunning, but you need to make sure the first three steps were properly accomplished for the best possible results.







maymdkw keyp5. Eyeliner & Eyeshadows

Once you have conditioned your eyelashes and applied the right mascara, you need to make your eyes look incredible! What can go better with lashes than eyeliner and eye shadows? If you want to achieve the most attractive eyes ever, the Maybelline Eyeliner Master Drama Khol Liner Eyeliner will be the best decision you can make. Coming in two tones, this eyeliner will not irritate your eyes and instead, you will have a prolonged effect. When it comes to your shadows, the Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eye Shadow is the flawless complement for your eyes!

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor