How to use concealer

how to use concealerWhether you are struggling with dark circles around your eyes or fighting over dark spots and freckles, the most obvious answer to your prayers is the so called: concealer. It's hard for a woman to keep up looking beautifully rested when she is spending hours and hours in constant activity and few hours of sleep. The first rule in the makeup field is: don't leave your house without a concealer on! This only applies to girls who have dark circles. Don't use a concealer if you don't really need it.

What is concealer used for?

A concealer's main function is to compensate the dark spots that take place under the eyes. Nowadays, people use concealers to highlight specific areas of the face. Contouring is one of the most popular makeup techniques used by celebrities and professional makeup artists using highlighting effects thanks to the help of concealers.

How do you use concealer?

Most of us just go to the store, ask the lady for a concealer that matches our skin, we purchase it and then we simply apply it with our fingers. Results are probably not as we expect them since we are not using the proper techniques. The skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face, so yellowing and other colorations tend to be more noticeable, making the under eye look darker. Depending on what you would like to cover, there is a wide array of shades and types that can best fit your skin.

If you are wondering how to apply concealer, you have come to the right place! The first thing you need is a concealer that is at least one shade lighter than your common foundation. This will guarantee that your concealer will perfectly merge with your foundation.

It is better if you apply the concealer before the foundation. Once the two products are on your face, start by blending them evenly. Try not to spread concealer on areas where you don't need it.

How to use concealer under eyes

Depending on your covering demands, you can apply concealer in two different ways. By creating a triangle under your eyes (for darker circles) or by drawing dots on the dark circles under your eyes (lighter circles). The difference between these two methods lies on the coverage percentage you want to achieve.

concealer application steps                      concealer application steps 2

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Recommended concealers:


How to use concealer palette?

Women with cruel dark circles may need to take extra measures in order to cover their spots at a 100%. A new technique used by most professional makeup artists is the coloring method before the concealer. With a concealer palette, you have the option of choosing a color depending on the tone of your dark circles and apply it before the concealer. This technique will make sure your dark circles are covered and blended with your concealer and foundation flawlessly. See the color wheel below to find the tone you need for the shadows under your eyes.

concealer chart

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How to use a concealer brush

Look for a concealer brush with synthetic hair for a better finish. Once you have applied your concealer and foundation, start
 blending the under eye area with your brush smoothly. After that, use a bigger brush to apply powder and seal your make up!

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