How to wear makeup in Marsala - the Pantone Color of the Year 2015!


Marsala was announced the Official Pantone Color of the Year 2015. It is a terracotta red shade which gained its name after the color of the famous Sicilian wine. Marsala reflects elegance, nonchalance and can express confidence and trust. The color has obviously been used in fashion, design, floristry and makeup.
And there are many ways you can wear makeup in the Marsala color and I have chosen the best ideas to bring the gorgeous shade to your lips, lids cheekbones, nails and a how to wear the Marsala hair color!

You’ll look extremely chic and I’m  sure you’ll love the variability of Marsala makeup. What is a top amazing issue about Marsala shade is that it looks great on any skin color, any color type since the shade is just universal. Marsala is a different kind of red, a decent one, and has a warm brown underneath which can add something new to your makeup. The Marsala shade can please both lovers of classics and those who like trying new things in makeup.

Now let’s get to the point.
Below are my top hints on how to wear the Marsala makeup:


You might say the Marsala shade is a bit unusual for eye makeup but trust me, the result will surprise you. First, the base eyeshadow layer should be in neutral colors - beige or light pink. Then apply your Marsala eyeshadow just into the lid curve. To avoid the side effect of swollen eyes look, use a black eyeliner. A black line will define not only the shape of the eye but also delineate the boundery between the eye and the eyelid. A brown eyeliner would be the right alternative to the black one if you feel black is too bold. I love using theBalm Nude Tude Eye Shadow Palette which contains the neutral color shadows perfect for the base and the Sexy shadow is exactly Marsala! In this palette you’ll also find pretty browny shadows for the lower lid. As for the eyeliner, I like the L'Oréal Paris Super Liner So Couture Black which is really precise and long lasting.


Regarding the use of the Marsala color blush, it is better to modify the shade intensity according to your skin color. If you have a darker complexion color, grab a true Marsala shade, such as Estée Lauder Pure Color Powder Blush collection or Rosewood Clarins Multi - Blush. Marsala might be too bold for a pale skin color so if your complexion is rather light, I would suggest trying out less brown, more red shades. Lip And Cheek Cream Palette theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples? is a smart pick of pretty colors you can mix to create the ideal blush for your skin tone!

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Experiment with varied shades from pretty wine red, terracotta red or true earthy Marsala to browny-red. Rimmel Lasting Finish 01 is a timeless classic. In Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue lipsticks collection you’ll find the perfect rich colors that are great Marsala representatives.


Marsala is just an ideal nail polish color - elegant and discrete. It is also suitable for both daily use and special occasions. Which one is my favorite? Brick Wall from Sally Hansen Hard As Nails collection!

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