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Feminine hygiene is not a common topic of conversation among women. We can freely speak about different mascaras or hair care products, but when it comes to intimate care products, no one seems to share a word. Just as we take care of our skin on the outside, it is extremely important to maintain our hygiene in the intimate area. Feminine wash is not only about feeling cleaner but avoiding unlikable and precarious health issues that may arise in the future.

The regular flora in the intimate zone has bacteria which helps preserve the accurate acid balance of the skin. Unnecessary washing with soap of the intimate area can upset the natural flora and let other bacteria to enter and boost the risk of disease. People who suffer from bladder issues visit the toilet more regularly, meaning they need to clean the intimate area over and over again.

Ordinary soaps are not appropriate for washing your intimate area. For that reason several feminine care products have been tested to make sure your natural vagina flora doesn't get interrupted.  Besides using warm water for your feminine wash, there are certain intimate care products that will maintain your female hygiene fresh and free from infections.



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This intimate 2-in-1 double effect cleansing lotion is particularly developed to let placid cleansing and tender shaving of the intimate zone while avoiding skin annoyance. The Nivea Intimo double effect is dermatologically and gynaecologically approved and free of colorants. Its formula regulates the balance of the natural intimate flora. 

This is one of the most popular feminine hygiene products for subtle soothe, cleanness, and a smooth feeling.


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The formula of the A-Derma Derm'Intim feminine wash gel has been tested in French A-Derma laboratories. The experts compared different types of oat and found Rhealba oat the most apposite for the needs of susceptible and irritated skin since it brings nourishing and antioxidizing results. By simply washing your intimate parts once a day with this gel, you will prevent transmission of bacteria to your vagina. No artificial fungicides and genetically modified grains are used within this product. Suitable for all skin types, the A-Derma Derm'Intim is one of the best organic feminine care products available.


The Klorane Dermo Pain Creme was designed to be the ideal treatment for every intimate disorder.  Klorane uses only natural ingredients like mango butter, cornflower, and others in all of their products.  These ingredients make their products pleasant to use all while giving you the peace of mind that this soap will keep your vagina fresh and clean.

klodpcw kswgAny of these feminine products will guarantee that the normal PH value of your vagina stays healthy while preventing any skin irritation. You need to remember that besides using one of these intimate products, there are some safety measures you must follow. When washing your intimate parts, don't use gloves or sponges, your hand is more than enough.
Don't forget to wash only the exterior of your intimate zone, washing the vagina on the inside can be dangerous. Go ahead and try out one of these feminine care products and let us know your experience!

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor