Marc Jacobs Daisy

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs was born in New York City, and designed his first collection in 1986. Since then, his designs have earned him numerous awards across the globe, and he served as the creative director of Louis Vuitton for 16 years. The Marc Jacobs brand is loved by style-conscious women everywhere, especially by those who love fresh and elegant fragrances.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
is a perfume released by the brand in 2007, and is an ultra-feminine fragrance with a flirty, vintage edge. Daisy has crisp and tangy top notes of grapefruit and strawberry softened with calming violet, and middle notes of floral gardenia. Its base notes are woody and musky swirled with sweet vanilla.

Daisy also has one of the most iconic bottle designs, with huge flowers encompassing the entire lid, meaning it looks as gorgeous as it smells and you’ll be proud to display it.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette  

  • also comes in a tester 3.3oz bottle, so you can try out the scent for yourself without splurging on the full-size version.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

There’s a Daisy for everyone!

Since the original Daisy fragrance was introduced, the brand has released many other variations of the initial perfume.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

came along in 2011, and has hints of raspberry and pear, with apple and rose, violet and plum notes. Eau so Fresh is strong enough to be noticed but not too overbearing, serving as a great daily scent.



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Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine

a limited edition perfume with more prominent notes, including apple tree blossom, strawberry, rose and lemon. This is a great scent for anyone looking for a girly summer fragrance to wear on vacation, or just because you feel like it!


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Eau So Fresh Delight 

spicier than the other scents, with top notes of pink pepper and tea mixed with sweet floral notes of violet, apricot, raspberry, orange and gardenia with musky amber base notes.




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Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet

perfect for spring, has tangerine, apple tree blossom and lotus top notes with middle notes of floral jasmine, violet and magnolia with a woody base, a beautifully light and fresh scent that will last all day.



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Daisy Hot Pink Eau de Parfum

a woody variation of the scent perfect for nights on the town, with additions such as jasmine, birch and cedar, a fragrance loved by women who like to go out, and comes in a classic black bottle with bright pink flowers.



Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette

inspired by blue skies, incorporates rich blackberry, grapefruit and pear notes with litchi, jasmine and glucinium and woody, coconut base notes to make a light and refreshing fragrance to last all day. Use with Daisy Dream Luminous Body Lotion for hydrated skin that smells beautiful.

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Not sure which Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance is right for you? Treat yourself to the Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set and try out four different Daisy varieties to find your favorite.

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