Mother's Day Gift Sets

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The most important person in our lives has a one day celebration coming up on May! Yes, I'm talking about our precious moms. Even though we should commemorate them every single day for the hard work they did since our birth day, we only have one official date in the year to actually have the party taking place. Whether it is a lunch, dinner or even a road trip with the loves of our lives, giving them something meaningful is always a great way to thank them for everything.

Although our most sincere feelings is the best gift they can ever receive, they have given us so much that we need to pay them back with something else. Making our mom look or feel more beautiful than she already is, will make us feel like the most caring people in the world. Since picking up gifts for mom can be overwhelming because we want it all for them, I decided to help you out with a list of gift sets for women that will make your mother scream of happiness!

Gift sets for women

elizabeth arden eight hour cream cosmetic set1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Cosmetic Set X

Moms are busy people. They don't have the time to moisturize their skin every 4 hours to keep it flawless. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream cosmetic set comes with a daily moisturizer cream for face, a hand treatment cream, skin protectant cream, moisturizing body cream and a lip balm. All of these products have an eight hour duration on your body which makes this beauty set the ideal present for any mother. They can apply the face and body moisturizers after each bath and take the hand cream and lip balm in their purses in case they need it. Besides being a functional kit for any woman - especially moms - it soothes dry skin while leaving legs and face super smooth and silky soft.

l'occitane lovelier hands cosmetic set2. L'Occitane Lovelier Hands Cosmetic Set I.

One of the many advantages L´Occitane cosmetics has to offer is the consistency in its products. The brand was founded to develop high end cosmetics for women with proven techniques and certified substances. The success and quality of the brand makes it a great candidate for your mom! The Lovelier Hands cosmetic set is one of the most useful gift sets your mother can get. It comes with a shea butter hand cream, two flora hand creams and two rose velvet hand creams, which means the perfect combination of essences for their hands! These must-have creams will moisturize your mom's skin any time of the day while being an indulgent treat!


shiseido future solution lx cosmetic set3. Shiseido Future Solution LX 
Cosmetic Set

Shiseido lets you experience the ultimate beauty treatment with one the best beauty gift sets: the future solution set! This treatment provides potent nutrients and vitamins that will soothe your skin and make your hair shine! Created with japanese yuzu, these wonderful products were designed to calm your senses. Giving your mom the benefits of one of the leading beauty and makeup gift sets is the best way to tell her how much you care about her!

Perfume Gift Sets

burberry brit sheer gift set (1. Burberry Brit Sheer Gift Set III.

Burberry has been a royal brand for decades, and it is still considered one of the most elegant essences worldwide. With a set containing 2 fragrances and a body milk, the Burberry Brit Sheer gift set is the right choice for the queen of the house. With natural ingredients, this perfume is one of the most valuable brands in the industry of beauty. We are aware that your mom deserves the best, so she definitely deserves a Burberry brit sheer gift set.




estee lauder pleasures mini gift set2. Estée Lauder Pleasures Mini Gift Set II.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of luxurious ingredients and diverse aromas, the Estee Lauder Pleasures Mini Gift set is probably the right way to go. Each mini perfume provides delightful smell that will make your mom choose each scent for different occasions.  With a patented formula which is proven to remove dead skin cells, this gift set gives and intense pleasure to any woman.


versace bright crystal gift set3. Versace Bright Crystal Gift Set XII

A fragrance + body milk + two cosmetic bags = happiness in a Versace Bright Crystal gift set. With floral essences and a corporeal mixture of japanese yuzu and comforting blossoms of peony, magnolia and other flowers, the bright crystal is a fresh one of a kind perfumes with a glowing mood! The best part of this gift set is that it already comes with a bag so you don't even have to wrap it up! Your mom will love it and you will love the scent you'll experience every time you hug her.

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor