Nice Manicured Hands and Nails are a Necessity

Perfectly manicured nails and fine hands represent every woman. In our beauty routine we should not forget about our hands and nails care because they are on display most of time and so can make the first impression for us. Try out the following tips to find out how to treat your hands and nails properly so that they are kept healthy and match your attractive look.



lipikar mydlo
Regular hands skin hydration

The skin of our hands is exposed to many sorts of harmful dangers every day. It often suffers as it gets dry and cracks after using dehydrating soaps or in cold weather. The skin of our hands might also get irritated or even a rash might occur. To reach pretty hands, we should provide it with hydrating and nourishing care every day. If possible, prefer using hydrating liquid hand wash. For instance, we recommend La Roche-Posay Lipikar Soap, a special solid soap suitable to cure rash on your hands. Then, use hand creams after every hand washing and before going out, such as Vichy NutriExtra. You can also try out fast absorbing cream Neutrogena Hand Care or Bioderma Atoderm Hand Cream for atopic hand skin.

  • Nourishing Care

If you suffer from cracked and tough cuticles or rugged hangnails, start using, for example, special regenerating La Roche-Posay Cicaplast cream regulary. Or, we recommend nourishing Neutrogena NordicBerry. You can soften tough hand skin using a special peeling or a hand mask from professional OPI brand. Apply it once a week. 

  • Nails Strenghtening

To treat your weakened and split nails, you should use nourishing polish, oils or sera which contain special vitamin complex. In assortment, you can find special daily care from such brands as Sally Hansen, OPI and many more. Also, do not forget to nourish your nails from inside out. For healthy and strong nails, you need mainly calcium, A,B,C vitamins or magnesium. You can get these eating milk products, leafy vegetables, eggs or fruits.