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Atopic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin. Due to low count of lipids, the patient's skin tends to itch and develop red spots. In order to reduce the symptoms and soothe the skin, it's necessary to renew the natural skin barrier that has been damaged and isn't functioning properly.

Did you know?

la roche posay lipikar atopic eczema3What causes atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis occurs when the
skin barrier is damaged, resulting in irritants and allergens penetrating the skin. The main symptoms are dryness and flakiness, which leads to itching and the compulsion to scratch affected areas. In turn, scratching further disrupts the skin barrier, creating a vicious circle commonly known as the atopic skin cycle. Unless the condition is properly treated, this cycle might never end.

Does atopic dermatitis always manifest in the same way?

No, the severity of the condition varies. There are two distinct
an acute flare-up and a period of calm. The acute flare-up phase leads to inflammation, itching, suppurating, scabbing, etc. After the period of calm, the skin is typically very dry, which can be significantly unpleasant as well, but tends to bother the patient less than the previous phase did.

What causes flare-ups of atopic dermatitis?

Acute flare-ups are caused by a range of factors such as dust, pollen, laundry detergents and very dry air.

How can atopic dermatitis be treated?

First and foremost, we need to eliminate the main cause, which is the damage to the skin barrier and its subsequent failure to function properly. It’s also necessary to reduce itching in order to break the atopic skin cycle.

That can be done by using suitable cosmetic products that bring relief to irritated skin. For instance an appropriate bath oil can protect the skin of the body against the drying effects of water with high mineral content. Additionally, it’s advisable to use moisturising products that hydrate and calm the skin, reduce itching and help renew the hydrolipidic film that prevents irritants from penetrating the skin. We recommend following this daily routine throughout the whole year, not just when you’re experiencing flare-ups.

The microbiome - our trusted partner in the fight against dermatitis

Did you know that not all bacteria are actually harmful to our skin? Some are even part of its basic defense system. This natural microflora, known also as the microbiome, protects our skin against damage from the outside and prevents inflammation and flare-ups including atopic dermatitis.

The researchers in the La Roche-Posay laboratories have discovered that the microbiome is in fact as responsible for the occurrence of atopic dermatitis as the skin barrier is. Therefore, to provide a lasting treatment of atopic eczema, we need to not only re-establish the skin barrier, but also the balance of the microbiome. The good news is that unlike genetically inherited properties of our body, the microbiome can be modified. That brings a new perspective of the treatment of atopic dermatitis, which is reflected in the development of the La Roche-Posay Lipikar products for extremely dry and atopic skin.

Atopic dermatitis innovative treatment by La Roche-Posay
la roche posay lipikar atopic eczema2

Dry skin - kids and adults


LIPIKAR SURGRAS la roche posay lipikar surgras shower cream
  • creamy shower gel free of soap prevents from dry skin

Gentle cleansing product free of soap and parabens. Revives skin natural barrier and provides skin with lipids. The product can also be used for bathing. Enriched with Niacinamid and 10% of reviving concentrate which helps involve lipids right during a shower.


  • body moisturizing emulsion to revive lipids and treat dry skin.

The skin absorbs the care immediately and becomes immune and protected from harmful effects.

INNOVATION: Niacinamid helps revive skin barrier and calms tension. Shea butter provides skin with lipids intensively and improves skin flexibility and comfort. Glycerin ensures deep hydration. The emulsion does not stick or leave an oily layer on the skin.

Suitable for very dry to atopic skin - babies, kids and adults.


  • Creamy cleansing gel to fight dry skin

la roche posay lipikar syndetPhysiological pH. Gentle cleansing products free of soap, parabens, perfume. Revives skin barrier and neutralizes the drying effects of calcium water. The product can also be used for bathing. Enriched with Niacinamid and 10% of reviving concentrate which helps revive lipids right during a shower.


  • Innovative technology using Aqua Posae Filiformis
    a new patented substance which brings two effective solutions for atopic skin:
  1. external - microbiom balance and thus stops the flare-up and stabilizes the period of calm
  2. internal - revives the skin barrier function and calms the irritation

The visible results come within the first month of use: dry skin and irritation are minimalized, flare-up effectively stopped and the period of calm is revived.

The unique composition consists of 50% La Roche-Posay thermal water and high concentration of the two active substances:  4 % niacinamid for immediate calm effect and 20 % shea butter for intensive nutrition. This innovative composition corresponds to an effective cure and body lotion at the same time.

Prepared by Carol Swan
Beauty editor-in-chief