Only 100% genuine products. Know what you’re buying.


  • All products on Notino are 100% genuine.
  • All products carry the seal of genuine.
  • We only buy from major distributors.
  • One e-store, millions of customers
  • low expenses + buying large quantities of goods at a time = low prices for you


You often ask us if all the products sold by are 100% genuine. Yes, they indeed are. As a sign of our commitment to only offering real quality products, we now provide them with our special seal of genuine.

What does 100% genuine mean?

It means that all perfumes, aftershaves and beauty products sold by Notino are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and brand originals. The genuine of all our products is paramount to us, which is why we only buy them from major distributors and brands. You can therefore be 100% sure that all the products you purchase are brand original, from their origin to the packaging and contents.

How are Notino prices so low? One online store, millions of customers!

We don’t have a large chain of boutiques that would cost excessive amounts of money in rent and staff. We’re a global online store. Thus, one single e-store caters to all US customers 24/7/365, which saves us a lot of additional expenses.

We deliver tens of thousands of products from all over the world to millions of customers. By only buying in large quantities, we usually benefit from much lower wholesale prices. That’s what helps us keep the end price so affordable.

We would never risk losing the trust of our customers for any reason, least of all by selling counterfeit goods. To show how much we care about this commitment, we put our seal of genuine on every product sold by Notino.