Organic Coconut Oil Uses

organic coconut oil usesNowadays it's pretty common to stumble upon the diverse organic coconut oil uses and its countless benefits. Have you ever wondered what is so fascinating about this organic oil that is making tons of stores and beauty suppliers sell it like if Black Friday was taking place every single day? According to different researches, coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and works as an excellent moisturizer for skin while improving your hair restoration.

Many have classified coconut as a "superfood". Besides being delicious on desserts, shakes and even on cooked meats, it has positive effects on health, such as better brain performance and digestion improvement. Lets not forget the many benefits its oil is providing! It's probably weird to think about putting coconut on your face or hair, right? But what comes to your mind when you use an egg-based hair mask? Isn't it the same or ever worse? coconut organic 2Since we are not used to it, it gets harder for us to picture the solely idea of rubbing organic cold pressed coconut oil on our
skin; but when you analyze all the advantages it will provide, you will run to the drugstore or get on your computer and shop online (which is easier).

bliss bath and body nakedIf you are ready to learn more about this wonderful fruit, keep on reading this article and find out 5 amazing beauty tricks coconut oil has for you!

1. Hand moisturizer

With organic virgin coconut oil, you will keep your hands soft and moisturized all day long! Just apply a little bit after you wash your hands and results will be noticeable immediately! If you are wondering where to buy virgin coconut oil, a good place to start is a supermarket or even drug stores.

2. Makeup remover

Did you know that coconut oil is a great makeup remover? I had no idea! Due to its natural formula, this amazing oil wont irritate your eyes, making it a perfect choice as an eye makeup remover. The best part is that it will leave your skin hydrated and soft! You can use the Bliss Bath & Body Naked to remove your makeup since it contains organic coconut oil and it was designed for skin purposes.

kallos bodyart massage cream with coconut oil3. Body moisturizer

If coconut oil works as a makeup remover, why not as a body moisturizer? Virgin organic coconut oil can increase hydration and serves a lotion for your body. This dual action oil will make sure your dehydrated skin is no longer dry! The Kallos BodyArt Massage Cream With Coconut Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen is a great alternative to massage your body after a long day and it is suitable for all skin types.

4. Hair improver

Do you know why many shampoos and hair conditioners contain coconut oil? At this point, you probably guessed the answer. Besides preventing protein loss, coconut oil penetrates easier on your hair than any other coconut oil woman bodyproduct. You can apply a little bit on your hair before going to bed and sleep in a shower cap in order to capture all the nutrients and get a deep conditioning during the night.

5. Face

If it works on anything else, it has to work on your face! Due to its antibacterial properties, coconut oil is one of the best cleansing products for your face. It works as a moisturizer at night while leaving your face with the most delightful smell!

Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor