Selfie Brush - a must have for your perfect selfie!

Selfie Brush Wet brushBeing a girl is hard sometimes. You have so many things to carry around and never enough space to put all of your items. I cannot speak for all the women of the world but I know that I do really enjoy when products can act as two things as once. This is a great way to save the every precious space in my purses and bags. The selfie brush is a perfect example of these types of products.

Now you may be thinking to yourself what is a selfie brush? Well let me tell you. This product functions as both a wet brush and an iPhone case in one fabulous space saving bundle.  If you have never tried a wet brush before you need to go out and
try one because it has honestly changed my life. The brush comes in both cases for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. The selfie brush beautyspinbrush makes a wonderful case and offers amazing protection for your phone and for you hair too!

Wet brush is a brush that is the best detangling brush ever. Works great on both wet and dry hair (though of course by the name it is specifically designed for wet hair due to the Intelliflex Bristles
which damage the wet hair less when brushing your hair out). The brush is perfect for men, women and selfie brush beautyspin1kids and works on any hair type including thick, curly and straight hair.

You can get your selfie brush at for under fifteen dollars (amazing right!).  And that price really is amazing when you think about the fact that you are getting two completely different products for one low price! You are getting both an amazing brush to help to protect your hair as well as getting a great phone case that will protect your beloved iPhone as well as any other phone case.

Buying the selfie brush will help to limit the amount of items you have to carry around, no longer will you have to pack both a brush and your phone in a bulky phone case.  Now you are able to pack one product instead of the two.

I will recommend this product to anyone I know who uses a wet brush and has an iPhone. It really is almost like a no brainer. You get to save space, you get an amazing brush, and you get a good phone case!


Prepared by Carol Swan
Beauty editor-in-chief