Skin Preparation: Essential skin care before applying makeup

Have you ever wondered why makeup artists always go through the whole process of skin cleansing and nourishing when the models then end up with thick layers of makeup for the catwalk? The experts know best what they do and, believe or not, proper skin preparation is the key to perfect makeup. The fact is that if you skip the preparation process and move straight to applying makeup, it just leads to disaster affecting your look all day long. As the results of unprepared skin spots, uneven makup, irritation, shiness might occur.

skin preparation

We all are in time pressure, especially in the morning. Spending even more time on going through prep skin beauty steps might seem unreal. On the contrary, skin preparing ritual can save your time! Getting used to it, your skin will enjoy health and will glow naturally which means you won´t need so much makeup to reach a great look.

Choose the best care for your type of complexion and involve skin preparation to your daily routine. Your skin will appreciate it and reward your effort with visible results. Check out our best-reviewed product picks below!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water belongs to the most favorite cleansing products. It never irritates skin since it includes micelles - elements very similar to skin own cells, so the skin structure is naturally restored. Bioderma Sensibio H2O is thus a perfectly gentle product which can be used for both skin preparation and makeup removal.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator helps get rid of dead skin and provides instant soothening and glow. Clarins Exfoliator is a gentle product so it never irritates your sensitive skin, just stimulates the healthy circulation and radiance. At the same time, this facial scrub helps regenerate your skin to prevent it from aging.

Shiseido Eudermine revitalizing toner is the first product by Shiseido and its icon as well. Eudermine softens and hydrates your skin immediately. Thanks to its special formula which has been perfected over the years, the toner can resist climatic changes and still protect your skin from dehydration.

La Mer Prep Lotion the first step in your skin care which can bring miracle and vitality to your skin condition. La Mer water contains exclusive Miracle Broth ™ formula which provides your skin with rich nourishment, hydration and fresh tone. La Mer application awakes your complexion and perfectly prepares it for further steps.