Summer Festival Survival Kit: Our Top 10 Tips

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With summer music festival season just about to bloom, there is no better time to share our top beauty and wellness survival tips to get you through any 3-day outing! And while some of the major music festivals have already passed by for 2017, there are plenty of headliners still to come. Each of these are sure to be lively, energetic - and hot!


The summer music festival scene is definitely saved for the most dedicated of fans, as high temperatures and high turnouts usually mean that you have to fend for yourself during any 3-day stay. Especially if you’re camping, you’ll need to pack a few handy items so that you stay looking and feeling fresh throughout every set. And if you’re anything like us, you not only want to enjoy the experience but also want to look good doing it!

While none of our survival tips will help you slave off hunger or thirst in the wild (sorry!), they will help keep you cool, comfortable and camera-ready from morning till midnight and beyond!

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Festival Survival Tip #1 Combat excessive sweating with blotting papers

Face blotting papers have long been a great way to beat the seasonal heat while protecting your makeup from melting during the dog days of summer. So when you’re stuck in the middle of a mash pit, or can’t escape the sun’s rays, defer to a set of blotting papers to control perspiration. These sheets, made of 100% pulp paper, magically absorb moisture and oil from even the most difficult to reach crevices across your face. We recommend one of the formulas from pro-makeup manufacturer NYX. They offer four varieties: Matte Blotting Paper, Fresh Face Blotting Paper, Green Tea Blotting Paper and Tea Tree Blotting Paper.

Festival Survival Tip #2 Take along a good face SPF

How many times have you set foot onto festival grounds after a sunny day and witnessed countless people with a glaring sunburn? This is what happens as a result of little shade, packed crowds and poor planning. Not only is this dangerous for your skin, but no one wants to spend the night sweating off a sunburn at a music festival! So prepare yourself with a good face SPF that will last the gauntlet of the day. We recommend RoC Soleil Protexion+ for face, which contains 50+ SPF protection. It’s light, durable, easy to layer throughout the day and, most importantly, effective.


Festival Survival Tip #3 Prevent makeup mayhem by using waterproof cosmetics

Probably the best tip we can offer to anyone who wants to look glam but also get down at one of this summer’s multi-day music festivals is to use waterproof makeup. Some of the staples, like foundation, mascara, eye liner, blush and lip stain will cover the basics. Here are some of the products we recommend if you need to stock up on some waterproof cosmetic products:


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Festival Survival Tip #4 Pack a high-performance body sunblock, preferably a spray solution

Though your face will get the majority of the sun’s powerful rays while standing in the middle of a crowded stage-front, your body will still need to be protected for those in-between set moments. Instead of fumbling with heavy, greasy cream SPF’s, we recommend you take along an easy-to-apply (and easy to re-apply) spray-on sunscreen, formulated with at least 30 SPF or higher. Not only is it easy to apply, but it’s ideal if you’re helping others protect themselves as you won’t be required to do the undesirable task of rubbing the solution in for them – as often required by cream-based sunscreens! Check out the variety spray formulations from Eucerin, who specialize in skin protection.

Festival Survival Tip #5 Use mouthwash or mouth spray if you can’t brush, or between brushings

Time can often get lost when attending a multi-day music festival. When you can’t find your way to the facilities to brush your teeth, a good mouthwash sure does wonders to help you freshen up in an instant. Pack a purse-ready travel version for easy handling, like Listerine’s “Ultraclean” mouthwash antiseptic.

Festival Survival Tip #6 Use a makeup setting spray to prevent “melting”

When your face starts to feel the mid-day burn of a mid-summer music festival, your makeup routine has to pack an extra layer of protection if it stands any chance of surviving a “meltdown”! Beat the odds when you use a makeup setting spray, which acts like finishing spray would on your hair. These uniquely formulated face sprays actually hold makeup in place and prevent makeup from “falling” due to heat, oil production and perspiration. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the best on the market from NYX: Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. This pint-sized potion will help keep you selfie-ready long after the sun sets for the day!

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Festival Survival Tip #7 Use makeup towelettes to remove makeup, dirt and cleanse skin allover

Makeup removing towelettes, or wipes, are one of the most convenient and thorough ways to remove makeup, whether you’re marooned at a summer music festival or simply returning home from a long work day! Pack a fresh pack of re-sealable makeup towelettes, like Garnier Skin Natural’s “Essential Cleansing Wipes”, when prepping your festival “survival kit”. These are not only great to use on the go to remove makeup at the end of the day, but can be used all over the body to help freshen up skin or areas prone to sweat.

Festival Survival Tip #8 Use a high-powered deodorant

Speaking of sweat, the best way to battle it on the vast and expansive festival fields is to prevent it from happening at all! Keep your underarms sweat-free when you use a high-performance, active deodorant. Check out this one from Bourjois: a 72-Hour extreme protection anti-perspirant that claims to contend with the most sticky of situations. For an allover solution which will keep you dry from head to toe, try Shiseido’s Deodorant Natural Spray, which helps prevent sweating and eliminates odors while enveloping the skin in a fresh scent.

Festival Survival Tip #9 Pack a refreshing body spray, just in case

Spending hours if not days at a summer music festival, amongst nature and a few thousand other raving fans, can lead to the need to freshen up in a frienzy. When you (or a friend) needs an intermediate fragrance fix, be there to save the day by carrying a refreshing body mist in tow. Try Bath and Body Works’ “Sea Island Cotton” body spray for an instant, refreshing pick-me-up!

Festival Survival Tip #10 Use leave-in hair products to refresh and restore sundrenched hair

Even if you’re doing your best to cool your body down and prevent excessive sweating, oil will build up in your hair and require you to restore it. When you need to combat oil, prevent sweat or just freshen up hair, use a take-along dry shampoo hair spray. Legendary hair care company, Aussie, has recently released a 7-in-1 dry shampoo as part of their “Miracle Collection”. This dry shampoo will restore hair’s freshness, eliminate excessive oil production and add life back to limp, sun-drenched hair.