Tangle Teezer Review

Whatever your hair type, be it fine, thick, curly or frizzy, at one time or another you’re bound to find yourself battling against knots and tangles that can ruin your good hair day.

Tangle Teezer reviewsThe Tangle Teezer The Original is a brush that we should all have in our haircare kits, famous all over the world for its detangling power.

Customer Tangle Teezer reviews rave about its specially engineered shape to comfortably fit the hand as it enhances hair shine, detangles and prevents further knotting and soothes and massages the scalp for a calm mind and calm hair!

The Tangle Teezer can be used on both wet and dry hair to kick off every type of hair style, and won’t pull on or break the delicate hair shaft as it works to smooth out your tresses. As it massages the scalp, it increases blood circulation while it relaxes you.

There’s a tangle teezer for every style, hair type and budget

  • Original Tangle Teezer

  • available from Beauty Spin for an amazingly low price in many different colors, including orange, blue, purple black and pink.
  • Compact Styler 

  • perfect for popping in your bag while out and about, and closes in on itself to prevent dirt building up on the bristles. Pick one up in dazzling purple, gold or leopard print.

kolaz tangleteezer

For fashionistas looking to detangle wet hair...

  • Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer

  • specially designed for use with wet hair in the pool, bath, shower or even the beach! Use it even distribute serums and penetrate the hair follicles. It’s easily cleaned with a quick rinse under the tap, and ready to go for the next time.
If you want to get serious about your hair, then try out...

Salon Elite Tangle Teezer

  • designed especially for you. This professional version is ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold and breeze through knots and tangles in a few strokes. It won’t pull or stress the hair, leaving you to create gorgeously smooth and shiny styles.

For mini beauty lovers...

  • Magic Flowerpot Tangle Teezer

  • designed for use on softer toddler and child hair that can dismantle all knots and tangles without causing any tears! Keep their hair smooth and shiny and make their day with this cute flowerpot case, they’ll love it so much they’ll want to do their own hair!



We haven’t forgotten the men...

  • Mens Groomer 

  • perfect for guys who love to look good. Use it on hair and beards to keep strands in place, and dispel tangles in longer styles



If you love your beauty tools to look as good as you do...

With so many different styles and types available, there’s a Tangle Teezer perfect for everyone. Whether it’s a gift for somebody else or a treat for you, pick one up today and wave goodbye to knotty, tangled and frizzy hair!



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Carol Swan
Beauty&Fragrance reviewer