The 5 Top Fragrances of All Times

Luxurious, Distinctive, Long-lasting

These are the 5 Top Fragrances of All Time!

5. Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps

This timeless fragrance which made the Nina Ricci brand famous belongs to the best fragrance works of all time. Robert Ricci, the son of Nina Ricci demanded that his mother’s fashion house also entered the world of fragrances. And this idea turned out to be a brilliant one! The floral-oriental scent is based on carnation notes with hints of bergamot, rosewood craftilly completed by notes of jasmine and roses. The scent is topped with cedar and sandal wood, violet and iris. Musk and amber provide the scent with the sense of womanity and sensuality.


The fragrance was introduced shortly after the second world war, in 1948. Its bottle has got as many credits as the fragrance. The cap in the shape of a dove is the symbol of peace and has remained unchanged for over 70 years while the scent was slightly modified - the former Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps was richer and stronger. Still the fragrance belongs to the top five bestsellers of all time! It gained the status of a classic. The soapy touch might not amaze you at first but believe that the perfume is the one you fall in love with step by step.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Opium

This fenomenal perfume has become the synonym for the scent of the Orient. The famous and popular perfume Opium by Yves Saint Laurent lived to see a new release paired with a new bottle design. This fragrance has been on the market since 1977 and it takes its place among the most famous and popular fragrances in the world. It is a bold and strong spicy perfume appropriate for special evening events, including the winter months. With this fragrance, Yves Saint Laurent composed a tale full of adventure taking place in a far off Oriental land. This tale is written in dewy mandarin, bergamot, jasmine and myrth.

ysl opium

The Opium perfume also got worldwide recognition thanks to its scandalous name. The Chinese living in the USA once unified in a coalition demanding the change of the perfume name and a Yves Saint Laurent’s public apology. Eventually, this act served as an excellent marketing tool since, as you probably know, a scandal is the best salesman. Thus Opium turned into a bestseller.

3. Guerlain Shalimar

Jacques Guerlain introduced this distinctive fragrance in 1925 at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris. The Guerlain Shalimar bottle designed by Raymond Guerlain won 1st prize. The name of the perfume symbolizes love of a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, getting its name after the name of the garden where Shan Jahan, the Emperor, spent time with his wife. After his wife’s death he built the famous Indian Taj Mahal.

guerlain shalimar

Jacques Guerlain loved the scent of vanilla and so he used the ethylvanilin - a new invention at that time. Vanilla scent perfectly matches the bergamot and frankincense. Guerlain Shalimar is an intense, long lasting scebt. It is a refined luxurious fragrance suitable for wearing at night and on special occasions.

2. Jean Patou Joy

Jean Patou, a French fashion designer, created this fragrance in 1930 with an intention to bring a really luxurious and unique new perfume to the market, at a time of recession. In contradiction to the economic situation, he bravely marked his perfume the most luxurious and expensive fragrance in the world͐. Thanks to his risky act the Jean Patou fashion house survived a time when other fashion brands went bankrupt. The perfume gained a very popular reputation among the best clients and became the biggest competition of the No.1 fragrance bestseller. Jean Patou Joy was awarded the best fragrance of the century at the FiFi Awards (a Fragrance Oscar) in 2000 beating its rival - Chanel No. 5.

jean patou joy

Joy is a strong floral composition consisting of 10 600 jasmine blossoms and 28 dozens of roses in 1 oz. Accompanied by hints of iris, musk and sandalwood, the scent can be worn all year long on all occassions. And its scent is ever lasting.


1. Chanel No.5

Chanel No.5 is an icon amongst perfumes! No need to introduce the most legendary, beloved bestseller of all times! If you have not fallen for Chanel No. 5 up to now, believe you will one day. Coco Chanel was creating her perfume in cooperation with Ernest Beaux, a chemist whose ancestors were producing fragrances for Russian Czars. The perfume is a composition of more than 80 ingredients. Its beginning will enchant you with the essence of bitter orange tree blossom amplified by ylang-ylang. The classic sweet notes of jasmine and rose will bequeath your French style and charm. The unique combination of intoxicating Bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver brought to you by Reunion will sensually embrace your body and endure to please you for an immensely long time.

chanel no5

The fragrance name originates in Coco’s childhood which she spent in Aubazine orphanage following the Cistercian order, who practise and believe in numerology. No. 5 had a mystical value. Coco borrowed the symbolism of this number for the name of her perfume. According to another legend, Coco was deciding between 5 other compositions and finally she decided for No. 5. Anyway, its name became the most worldwide famous perfume. With No.5 perfume, you will be as seductive and sensual as Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman or Audrey Tautou who also fell for this now classic fragrance.

Chanel No.5 is absolutely unique and exclusive. Treat yourself to luxury and possess the most famous perfume of all time!

Carol Swan
Beauty Editor-in-Chief