The Best Eyeliner

the best eyeliner

gold eyeliner

An eyeliner can make a huge difference in your face! If you are not currently using an eyeliner for your daily routine, this tiny pencil can give you a complete makeover whenever you need to look fabulous for a special occasion. Even if you use an eyeliner every single day, makeup techniques like the cat eye or even smokey eyes can be achieved with this wonderful item! 

In this day and age, there are countless of formulas for eyeliners, so you can now choose between a liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner. But the question remains: what is the best eyeliner?  And the answer to that would be: it depends of each person, her needs, preferences and tastes. If you want to find out what is the best eyeliner for you, keep reading this article and your doubts will be clear very soon!

Pencil Eyeliner

how to put eyelinerIf you are new to the whole makeup world, the pencil eyeliner can be the best place to start. Since you don't have much experience with products, eye shadows will be very complex at this point, and with a pencil eyeliner you will have both functions. It can be your eyeliner and eye shadow. This pencil is great for the waterlines, and they come in waterproof formulas. The Clinique Cream Shaper is probably the best pencil eyeliner available in the market, it comes in two different colors and it was properly tested. Other recommended products are: Clarins Crayon Yeux & Bourjois Khol & Contour Double - considered the best white eyeliner.

 liquid eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

Did you become an expert with the pencil eyeliner? It is time to try the liquid eyeliner. It is the best pencil when it comes to creating the perfect line close to your lashes. For those with a natural art in precise lines, this is your ideal product! Even though it doesn't come in a wide array of colors, it usually has a glossy finish. Do not use it for your waterlines as it will burn your eyes! Some recommended products are: Lancome Liner Plume (best liquid eyeliner), Dior Diorliner & Max Factor Masterpiece (best black eyeliner).astor perfect stay gelrevlon cosmetics color stay       

Gel Eyeliner

A combination between pencil and liquid eyeliner results in the gel eyeliner. With a wide variety of colors, this is the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. It can also be used as eye shadow and it works great for precise lines. You can absolutely use it for your waterlines for a faultless finish! Some recommended products are: Astor Perfect Stay Gel, Rimmel ScandalEyes & Revlon Cosmetics ColorStay (probably the best gel eyeliner).

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Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor