The Best Organic Hair Care Products

Organic Hair CareWhile some people may think that using only organic hair care products is just for those following the “green” wave, we’re here to explain why using natural, plant-based hair care products are necessary to nourish your locks and as important to your health as the food you eat.

Our skin, which includes hair follicles, is highly transdermal and drinks up the products we put on it. That action is amplified in the shower when water and heat naturally open up our pores, exposing our skin more than any other time of the day, to the products we introduce to it.

A good piece of advice that all of our beauty seekers should heed is that most drug store brands sell products that are laden with fillers and chemicals, and are unlikely to carry the best organic hair care products. While they may be the most accessible, and often most affordable, your scalp and your skin will reap the repercussions. Although each product is developed differently, there are many that include chemicals that may have adverse health or even cancer causing components. At the very least, many of these formulations include ingredients that are not readily recognized by our skin, and as our highly intelligent body works to protect itself, creates an allergic reaction that may lead to skin conditions such as breakouts, rashes and hyperpigmentation. Alternatively, the best organic hair care products use only all-natural, plant-based ingredients that our skin and scalp crave.

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But as the organic landscape is getting more saturated, including products that balance on the edge of “all-natural”, we want to give you some tips to be a better beauty buyer. Check the labels first. Anything that includes ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, petroleum or ingredients ending in –lene should be left on the shelf. These additives will dry out your scalp, irritate oil glands and destroy hair follicles. 

The best organic hair care brands will only use elements derived from eco-friendly sources, because the goal of effective hair care is to nourish and protect hair from the damaging effects of the environment, such as weather,
pollution - and yes - styling. Plant-based shampoo and conditioning products do the job a hair cleanser is meant to, like infuse natural minerals and herbal extracts while replacing nourishing oils to help hair thrive.

Getting to the root of the conversation, here are some of the best organic hair care brands we’ve tested on our tresses and know will give you the natural nourishing benefits your hair needs.

Best organic hair care products

The most extensive offering of farm-to-follicle formulations come from Klorane, a French company founded in 1966 that includes ingredients such as mango butter, nettle, red thyme, cornflower, and cinchona (to name a few) in all of their products. If you’re new to the organic game, try this trio of formulations that work beautifully for all hair types:

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If you’re looking for luxury-grade hair-care, the products from Alterna offer professionally-developed solutions, incorporating precious ingredients such as caviar and bamboo. Their Anti-Aging Caviar Treatment formulations are especially transformative.

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If you’re searching for nutrient-packed products with a purpose, Jericho’s formulations - which typically include Dead Sea ingredients like minerals, salts, and mud - have extraordinary healing properties, and are especially beneficial for those who are sensitive to allergic reactions and chemicals. Try these products to cure any of these conditions:  

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For more of the best organic hair care products, check out the Organic hair care section on where you can choose from hundreds of products that really live up to the purity standards your scalp deserves.

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Marissa O’Brien 

Beauty insider & editor