The best perfumes and fragrances for children

the best kids perfumes - little girl_lavender fieldA kid's odor is naturally fresh and pleasant. However, your little ones tend to be way more energetic than you are and they know how to use that vigor in order to lose their lovely scent. Even though they probably don't care or know their aroma is losing its power, moms have the ability to overcome even the simplest problems their children might encounter.  

When shopping for kids fragrances, safety is the first factor moms take into account. Although an exquisite smell is a high variable in the kids perfume selection, parents need to make sure this charming aroma is non-irritating and alcohol free.  A perfume for kids must have ingredients to protect your child's skin. Reading about the product before buying it, is a great idea to guarantee you are getting the best product for your little angel. To help you with the research, I've collected a list with the best fragrances for babies and kids!

Perfumes for Babies

the best kids perfumesklorane bebeOffering high class products, Tous is a brand now specializing in kids fragrances and wear. The Tous Tous Baby Cologne was developed for babies and toddlers with a long-lasting formula containing ingredients such as Orange, Neroli, Bergamot, Apple, Orange Blossom, Rose, Pear, among others. Keeping your baby away from vomit smell is now possible with this lovely teddy bear bottle enclosing a delightful scent!

Another popular brand featuring a non-alcohol formula for babies is Klorane. This french brand created the Klorane Bébé using natural ingredients like mango butter, nettle, red thyme, cornflower and others. This product will make sure that your baby's skin is unblemished all day long while keeping the most astonishing aroma.     

Perfumes for Girls

Our little princesses are always up-to-date with their favorite characters. From Disney to Barbie, giving a girl the right fragrance shouldn't be a problem! Gift sets are an amazing way to surprise them because girls always know what to do with the special package. The Disney Hello Kitty Gift Set, Disney Princess Gift Set & EP Line Barbie are great alternatives for your sweet little cookie.

disney hello kitty gift setdisney princess gift setep line barbie

Perfumes for Boys

Boys are a little bit harder to predict. At this age, perfumes are not their favorite subject since they are really into sports and videogames. However, moms know it all, and picking the right fragrance for their little boy can be a piece of cake. Boys need enduring perfumes with a soft smell. Some recommended kids fragrances for boys are: EP Line Ultimate Spider-man, Disney Cars & Oriflame Disney Planes.

disney carsep line ultimate spidermanoriflame disney planes

Prepared by: Priscilla Eslo beauty editor